Monday, April 10, 2017

Winterwood Pendants - handmade wood pendants from Wisconsin

My family has a large plot of land in Wisconsin that is managed for wildlife. Periodically, we thin the trees for the health and productivity of the forest, and therefore the wildlife too. Some of the trees have beautiful wood, and these we save for special projects. These pendants were made by my brother from some of that "special project" wood. 

My job is to "set" the pendants - some have been accented with beads, leather, wire, and/or silver additions. Here are the most recent three:

Black Cherry "Lionfish" Pendant on Picture Jasper Chain.

Hickory Pendant on Chrysoprase and Aventurine Chain.

Pin Cherry Pendant on Chocolate Agate Chain.
These have beautiful, natural wood patterns.  The pendants are finished with carnuba wax for a waterproof, matte finish.  They are all large, approximately 2" across.

I'm looking forward to setting more of these lovely pendants soon!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Idaho Themed Copper Bookmarks

I have been keeping busy and, unfortunately, have let my blog lag behind! 

One of my holiday orders last year was for a set of Idaho-themed art bookmarks!  These were a joy to create - the customer's only stipulation was "Idaho" related, and these are what I created for her:

Crater's of the Moon at Night

Henry's Fork

Geese on the Falls

Mountain Blue Birds

Wood Fence


Moose Cow and Calf


Mule Deer

Snake River


Train Tracks

Tetons at Night

They were a big hit at Christmas and I truly enjoyed creating them!

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