Friday, June 26, 2015

Sea Serpent Art Panel - Largescale Metalwork

After a long, long time, I have finally completed this piece!  It is not my largest piece, but it is my most detailed.  I'm very happy with how it turned out, and thankfully my friend and patron is also ecstatic!

Serpent Art Panel - copper, brass, and nickel on knotty alder.

This large panel artwork is made from copper, brass, and nickel sheet metal.  The metalwork measures 4 feet tall by 16 inches wide; the knotty alder frame adds about 8 inches to the height and width.  It's actually pretty light for being so large!

Serpent Panel - Metalwork is 4 feet by 16 inches.

I designed the artwork around a specific size, as requested.  I love the layout - panoramic photos and designs are very fun to work with!  This one has three separate designs in one panel - the top and bottom and then the middle.  Photos really don't do this piece justice - I managed to get a lot of color and detail in each area.

Serpent Artwork - Details of top and bottom panels.

Here are some more detail shots.  There are several hammer textures plus a couple different patinas doing on.  Honestly, I can't wait to start the next one!  It will be quite a bit smaller, but the plan is to have it just as detailed.

Serpent Panel - details showing texture and patinas found in the pieces.

If you are local to the SE Idaho region, you will (hopefully) be able to see it on display in person at the SE Idaho State Fair in September!

Serpent Panel - custom piece (sold).  Original artwork by Hannah Trost.

Thanks for your interest!