Monday, December 20, 2010

FTC Blog Jewelry Giveaway: Round 2 Winner!

And I am finally able to post our winner of Round 2 of my jewelry giveaway - Heather Garner!  Congratulations, Heather!

This took so long because I took so long to complete this prize - my apologies all around!  It's a busy time of year.  Heather chose a random pattern of green beads - and this is the lovely result of my interpretation of her directions!  I think it is gorgeous - reminds me of emeralds and snakeskin.  That might not sound beautiful to you, but I think snakes can have lovely patterns and be a great source of inspiration!

If that isn't your cup of tea, what does this bangle remind you of?!

PRIZE: Custom Peyote Stitch Bangle

Enjoy, Heather!

And for those of you who are crafty and want to try to make your own bangle, here are some good directions for the tubular peyote stitch!  If you have any questions, please ask, and I'll try to help you out, but I'm not up for making my own tutorial on this - there are some really great ones out there already!

Free Tubular Peyote Tutorials:  A Video From Fire Mountain Gems & several sets of directions from Bead Jewelry Making

Round 3 begins when followers reach 84!  I'm thinking that since I'm getting more followers (hopefully!), and that means a smaller chance for you, my faithful readers, to win (which isn't a good way to encourage you to share this blog with others!), that I might giveaway 2 prizes instead of a larger prizeWhat do you all think about that? Let your voice be heard or forever hold your peace!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have a Clean Holiday: Christmas Soaps!

I love handmade soap.  I really like my mother's soap made from scratch in the northwoods of Wisconsin when the snow is on the ground and makes soap-making easy, but melt and pour soaps have gotten a lot nicer and, I admit, much easier at times to create beautiful bars with.

And with that, I'll introduce the 6 Etsy sellers I found who make their own soaps and have special bars just for the holidays!  I chose these sellers because I not only love their Christmas-themed soaps, but the rest of their shops are awesome too - so check them out by clicking on the titles!


These are only a very few of the talented sellers on Etsy.  Please find more awesome handmade soap on Etsy by following the link:  Etsy Soapsellers.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

I thought I'd show some sweet crafts done in the Christmas spirit!  Here are 6 DeviantArt artists with the holidays on their minds:

And for those who like a little darker holidays, we have:

Please visit these artists' galleries (links above) for more great art and crafts.  Also peruse the DeviantArt website for other amazing artists.  They even have a shop where you can get great gifts with original artwork on them!

My apologies for the delay in showing off the prize for Round Two of my giveaway, but it is coming, along with the announcement of the lucky winner!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewelry from Recycled Materials

One person's trash is another person's accessories!

I'm finally posting again, showcasing other artists' work.  Today I've chosen 6 artists who make lovely jewelry from recycled materials.  Who would have thought circuit boards, bottle caps, guitar strings, zippers, and bolts could look so lovely?!  I love that these jewelers have chosen to recycle in such a productive way - maybe I will try harder to incorporate such reusable items into my work in the future!

And here they are, 6 artists from DeviantArt:

I hope you've enjoyed my post!  If you've also enjoyed these artists' works, please visit their DA pages (links above).  Most of them also have shops where you can purchase their awesome pieces.  DA also has many other artists who use recycled materials, so check out a new site and find some other amazing artists!

I hope to continue to have new blog entries at least once a week, probably on Wednesdays.  Maybe I'll be able to up it to twice a week once grad. school is completed next summer!  

In other news, a winner has been chosen for round two of my jewelry giveaway!  More news later, once the prize has been completed.  The next giveaway will be at 84 followers; so spread the news!

Happy creating 
& Happy Thanksgiving,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Note on 1000 Markets

Many of my previous posts have had artists from 1000 Markets featured.  Well, 1000 Markets has changed to Bonanza!  If the links no longer work, my apologies.  Bonanza was supposed to convert easily, moving seller's stock from one site to the other, with a link to the new shop as well. 

My shop, of course, didn't convert.  They somehow lost my items in the move!  So, my 1000 Markets shop is closed, and so far I haven't bothered to try to open one on Bonanza.  My Etsy shop, however, is being renovated and is still open!

For anyone else who made the switch, was it worth it?  How do you like Bonanza?

'Til next time!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double or Nothing: Jewelry Giveaway - Round Two!

First off, my apologies for the long long long delay in posts!  A lot has happened in the last couple months.  Our move was successful, we're enjoying our new house.  Lots more space than the apartment!  Our girl is loving the yard and the neighbor's kittens!  I won't bore you with the other details, but let me say it's been very busy and stressful around here for a while.  I'm glad to be back posting, hopefully it'll start up with some regularity again!


While I was gone, more followers joined up!  So, it's time for the next round of my giveaway event.  I have chosen to offer up a single peyote stitch bangle for the lucky winner!  

Options are:

1-3 colors of your choice - I have most colors of the rainbow, so pick away!

pattern of your choice - mixed all together (picture a calico cat), stripes/bands, a swirl, or a solid color

size of your choice - I need to know size to make sure it'll fit over your hand!  These awesome bangles roll over your hand with no need for a clasp!  One size fits most, but not all.  For example, my husband and I can wear the same bangle, but it's a tight fit for him and strains the bangle more than is necessary.  Also, if you like looser jewelry, you may chose a larger size!  Or vice versa.  I'll send the details to the lucky winner!

Bottom line, you get lots of choices!  Please see images below for examples of these amazing bangles.

And of course, the rules!

To enter:
Follow my blog and comment here that you would like to be entered.  

Leave an email address where I can reach you.  Worth one entry.

ENDS November 19th, 2010 at Midnight, as timestamped on comments.

This end date will hopefully give me time to complete the prize over Thanksgiving break, so you can get it before Christmas!  

For extra entries (each in a new comment):

1. Post about my jewelry, blog, and giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, your Blog, etc.  Leave a link.  If you post in more than one place, leave each link in a new comment.  Each post is worth one entry.

2.  Comment here with a suggestion for future blog topics, including tutorials you'd like to see me post.  Each suggestion in a new comment is worth one entry.

3. Visit one or both of my galleries, as my shops are under construction.  DeviantArt or Flickr.  Comment here on a piece you especially liked and why.  Each new comment is worth one entry.  

Next Rounds:

84 followers giveaway:  Necklace with Stone Pendant

168 followers giveaway:  Beadwoven Necklace

Monday, July 26, 2010

End of July Update: We're Moving!

Starting next weekend, we'll be even busier than usual: My family is moving out of our apartment and into a house!  We're very excited for the extra space, backyard, and the design possibilities. 

My posts for the next month will probably be sporadic at best, lacking at worst.  My apologies, but hopefully near the end of August or sometime in September I'll be back up and running again! 

I'm thinking that post subjects may drift toward money-saving, DIY decorating ideas and projects.  I've wanted to try some things out for a while, and now I have a home with the space and option to do them!  If you have any ideas or good websites/blogs to check out, please comment with the website - I have a few but am always looking for more!

Happy Creating!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jewelry Woodworkers of DA

I'm delving into the wood realm of jewelry making again, with the help of my brother.  He has the woodshop, while I have the jewelry designs.  Maybe when I have a piece completed, I'll post it here for you to see!

My collaboration project had me wondering what other wood jewelry was out there.  To find out, I searched DeviantArt for some notable jewelry that emphasized or featured wood, and found these amazing artists! 

If you enjoyed looking at these pieces, you should check out the artists' DeviantArt galleries for more (links above)!  Some work almost exclusively with wood, while a couple others also work with metal or even 2D art forms, such as drawing, painting, etc.  You can also search through DeviantArt for other great artists that I didn't have room to include here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

End of June Update

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updating this month!  There has been a lot going on in my already busy life - I've been attending one of the local farmer's markets as a vendor (which is surprisingly going okay even with other jewelers there), having family visiting for my daughter's 1st birthday, went to get portraits done, and my little girl has polished her ability to walk!  Which means I'm spending a lot of time with her, and not on the fact, she's attempting to climb things already!

 Our 1st Professional Family Portrait!

Next, I'm excited to say that since my sales went well this month, I have another decent donation ready for the National Wildlife Federation for cleanup efforts!  Please see the previous post for more information on what you can do about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

And finally, I only need one more follower for the next giveaway event to start!  I've decided that the next prize will be a peyote stitch bangle bracelet in the winner's choice of colors.  I haven't decided how many colors I'm allowing, but probably 1-3, in a solid or spiral pattern.  More info and pictures to follow when the next round starts!

Hopefully, regularly scheduled posts will start up again this week - starting with Thursday!  I'm not sure on the topic - maybe it's time for another tutorial?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

PROCEEDS FOR CLEANUP: BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

As the BP oil leak continues in the Gulf of Mexico and hits land, and hurricane season is just around the bend, my heart cries out for all the damage and deaths that have and will occur.  Since I can't go down to the coast to volunteer my services at this time, my husband and I have decided to donate money to a couple agencies putting cleanup crews together (more info below). 

In addition, I will be donating 50% of all proceeds from jewelry sales through the month of June, with the possibility of continuing through to August.

So, if you'd like a little something for yourself, or would just like to donate some money for this cause while also receiving something from me, please visit one of my shops (Etsy or 1000 Markets) and make a purchase!  If you'd like to donate the entire sum to the cause instead, please visit one of the links below!

Some agencies collecting donations and/or accepting volunteers for cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster:

For more information and a map, please visit the following site: 

They give a good explanation of what has and is occurring and what you can do to help.

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has also posted a list of things you can do to help:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Woodworkers of DA

Following along my train of thought can be a bumpy ride sometimes, but I don't think this one is too much of a stretch!  Continuing along the line of natural materials, I am now showcasing some fine woodworkers that can be found on DeviantArt.  These artists have created wondrous, fun, and elegant pieces - some for show, some for function, or some of both.  Most feature carving of some sort, as I find this to be one of the most difficult wood crafts to do well.  Hope you enjoy!

Each artist shown here has several other pieces in his/her galleries.  Please follow the links above to view larger images, other views of these pieces, and of course the other works they have created!  These are just a few of the woodworkers to be found on DA, as well, so browse for some of the other talents while you are there!

Only 1 more follower needed and I can start the next round of my Double or Nothing Giveaway!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bone Carvers of DA

So while I was searching for leather workers for last week's post, I found some amazing bone/horn/antler carvers as well!  So, I thought I'd show off some of DeviantArt's fine bone carvers this week.  I haven't tried to carve anything but wood, but these artists make it look easy and elegant to shape bone into amazing and intricate designs.

Each artist showcased here has many more designs in their galleries, so follow the links above to view more great works!  Or go to DeviantArt and search for some of the other talents out there!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Leather Artists on DA

DeviantArt has many talented artists and crafters, but today I am focusing on some amazing leather workers!  We have jewelry, masks, book bindings, and wall art!  I love the feel of leather, and love it even more when color is added and used in such a great way as these people have done.  So, without further ado, here are 6 leather artists from DeviantArt! 

Each of these artists has many more designs to see - so follow the links above to their DeviantArt galleries for more fine works!  There are also other talents on DeviantArt, so don't be shy and search for some of the other fine leather workers!

Next post - bones?!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Truly Unique: Glasmagie

My apologies for the delay in posting - I have chosen to show my wares at the local farmer's market this summer and have been busy getting everything organized and making displays and signage, etc.  But no fear - I have a real treat for you today!

I have been watching Glasmagie on both DeviantArt and Etsy for some time now - she is a master glassblower with an amazing talent!  Most glass art and sculptural pieces I see are recognizable in their form, but her's are so realistic or adorably whimsical that it blows my mind.  Plus, some of her figures are small enough to wear, for she makes glass pendants and earrings too!  I'm excited for when I have some extra cash to spend - but it'll be a challenge just picking one or two items to buy!

So I've chosen to feature Glasmagie and her truly unique work today, hope you enjoy:

Feather Earrings

Horse Pendant

Baby Dragon Pendant

Hummingbird Suncatcher

Elephant Figurine

Kingfisher Figurine

If you are interested in seeing more of Glasmagie's pieces or would like to purchase any, please follow the links at the beginning of the post, or here:  DeviantArt is a place to share your creative side, and shows many of Glasmagie's pieces in a gallery setting while Etsy is a place to sell handmade arts and crafts and has Glasmagie's creations listed for sale!