Friday, March 11, 2016

NEW Metal Bookmark Sizes!

I'm so excited - I've designed two NEW bookmarks that are fully customizable!  They are both available in copper, aluminum, and brass - the copper and brass can be flame patinaed too for added color.

Meet The Skinny:

The Skinny Bookmark - copper and copper with flame patina samples.

The Skinny is half size to my Paperback Bookmarks.  These lovelies are personalized with stamping only - names and short phrases, as well as your choice in hammer texture and ribbon tassel color.

and The Shorty:

The Shorty Bookmark - brass, aluminum, and copper with flame patina samples.

The Shorty is half size to my Hardcover Bookmarks.  These cuties are perfect for smaller artwork pieces - scene, animal, or silhouette to be determined by you and drawn up by my!  Full tassel line, including leather, is available for this size.

I'm also offering matched bookmark sets!  Here is one set I just completed with 6 matched art bookmarks:

Matched Bookmark Set - Hardcover size, copper with flame patina.

I have one more new design in the works and will hopefully unveil it soon!

Thanks for stopping by!