Friday, June 27, 2014

Coming Soon: Copper Art Panel

I have been commissioned to create a piece of artwork!  A LARGE piece of artwork out of COPPER!

It's exciting news and my biggest commission to date - but it also means that my jewelry creations are taking a backseat this month.  It took a couple weeks to draw up the design, get a rough copy approved, and then fill in the details and make a copy to work from.

But I have now started the sawing and filing and it's so wonderful to be working with metal, on my workbench, on a piece of art that I've already been paid for!  Makes me feel a little more successful.

Here's a small portion of what I'm working on.  The finished piece is 16 inches wide by 4 feet tall.  This section is less than 6 inches tall - so I have a lot more to do!

And this piece will fit right in with my new portfolio - one that I'm hoping to have on display in an art gallery by next tourist season....My other pieces will include natural animals and scenes.  This may or may not be the only mythical, fantastical creation - I haven't decided yet.  But I do so love (and miss) creating dragons (or serpents)!

I'm expecting my posts to be sporadic or continued updates for this piece for the next month or so.  In August I should be resuming my other metalwork and jewelry designs!

Happy Creating!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Matched Earring Sets for Multiple Piercings

I have several piercings in my ears, as do many women in my family.  Usually I don't care if the earrings match - I wear studs, plain hoops, or other silver earrings with the "stars" of the show.  But I had one sister request a matching set and it made me wonder if there were any sets out there already....

Custom Matched Hoops - Sterling Silver and Czech Glass Beads

You know what I found?  There is an obvious lack of multiple earring sets, especially ones that are more than just studs or hoops in various sizes.  Maybe there isn't really a demand.  Hoops are hoops, right?  Studs go with everything.  Well, if you are looking for something a little more matched and colorful, check out this set I made for my sister, featuring a larger focal earring:

Matched Earrings - Featuring a larger focal pair with agate drops

These are all made from scratch from sterling silver wire and Czech glass beads (one focal pair has round agate beads).  And I think a set for myself is next on my to do list!

Matched Earrings - Alternative focal pair with purple beads

I will be posting these as a sample set on Etsy - I'm going to attempt to find out if there is a demand for matched earring sets.  These will be a custom item - meaning each order can have as many earrings in whichever colors the customer wants.  Fun fun fun!  I love custom orders!

Matched Earrings for multiple piercings - custom made set

Happy Creating,

Friday, June 6, 2014

Beaded Turkey Beards!

Looking for my BSBP post?  Look no further - here it is!

This is a little different from my usual fare, but my father asked me to come up with a way to display some turkey beard trophies for him.  I thought maybe I'd bead them - this is my first try.  It needs a little work and finesse, but overall I like it - and more importantly - so does he!

Full Turkey Beard Display - Beaded with a Center Stone

Beaded Detail - The Spurs are present too!

Sometimes commissions come from unexpected places - but I love the challenge and the creativity it inspires!

Happy Creating!