Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Piece - Castle on a Cliff

Petrified wood slab with a handmade copper and brass scenic art frame.

Newest art piece!  This one is significantly smaller, but really cool, too.  AND if you want to give me an opinion on it, you can win a prize here:  Silver Serpent Studio on Facebook

About 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide - this small piece packs a punch and lots of details!  The black background is painted wood with a picture hanger for mounting on a wall - it could also be displayed in one of the mini easels.  The metal frame is a mixture of copper and brass - the dragon is copper with a flame patina; the waves are also copper with a genuine verdigris patina (this isn't just painted on - I went through the whole process of creating this patina over 3 days); and the frame is textured brass.

Art piece with my hand as size comparison - about 12" tall.

The coolest bit about this piece, in my humble opinion, is the rock slab that I've framed.  It is a polished piece of petrified wood!  It looked like a scene to me, so I embellished upon it.  I see a castle on a cliff with a storm raging overhead.  I added in roiling waves and a dragon.

I have a small box of additional, really awesome rock slabs just waiting to be framed.  Next up:  cheetah agate!

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