Friday, July 22, 2016

Silver Pendants featuring Natural Stones

A fun, summery streak of handmade pendants!  Each cabochon featured here was made by a local cabber and then set by me.  The amazonite and lapis were made specifically at my request - normally I design around an already made cabochon, but I could get maybe get used to designing and then having the cabs made....

Beryllium opal in a handmade sterling silver setting.

Kambaba jasper in a handmade sterling silver setting.

I think the beryllium opal cabochon looks like a lovely sunset with the purples, pinks, and oranges in perfect layers across its surface.  The kambaba jasper reminds my husband of Starry Night by Van Gogh - I can see that a bit too.  I had several cabs made from the amazonite rough - it was too lovely to pass up!  This one is in a more art deco/geometrical design, while the lapis is set in a more whimsical setting with a rainbow of color play in the texture from a patina.  

Amazonite in a handmade sterling silver setting.

Lapis lazuli in a handmade sterling silver setting with patina.

Lots of summer fun!  More on the way, including a couple pins.  I have some really lovely stones that I look forward to designing around!

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