Friday, March 27, 2015

Silversmithing & Stonesetting - Pendants

I've met one of my goals for this year - setting stones in sterling silver again! 

I don't mean wire-wrapping, either.  I have loved wire-wrapping for the last couple of years and will continue to wire-wrap, but I'm very excited to be setting stones in traditional (and eventually a little less traditional) bezel settings! 

Bigg's Jasper Pendant in sterling silver

I have 2 completed pendants to show right now and more on the way.  I've handmade each bezel setting from sterling silver sheet metal and sterling silver wire, depending on the pendant.  My cabochons are usually impulse buys and they are rarely calibrated so even if I wanted to (and really, where's the fun and creativity in it?!), I couldn't just buy a pre-made cabochon setting to mount my cabochons into.  But I'm okay with that!

Bigg's Jasper Pendant in sterling silver - details.

The first pendant shows off a Biggs Jasper cabochon and a notched bezel setting.  My bezel wire was plain and smooth to begin with - I made each notch to add a little something to the pendant without overwhelming the stone. 

Azurite-Malachite Pendant in sterling silver.

The second pendant is a triangular blue azurite with a hint of green malachite cabochon.  I've held onto this cab since college!  Again, to dress up the pendant some without detracting from the stone, I textured the bezel wire with my rolling mill prior to making the cab setting.  I love the rolling mill, because unlike acid etching, there is no waste and no toxic chemicals to clean up.  It's simple, clean, and green - imprint any pattern or design into your metal with a quick roll through the mill!

Azurite-Malachite Pendant in sterling silver - details.

Hope you enjoyed!
Happy Creating,

Friday, March 20, 2015

Creative Wire Work

I got a little more creative with my wire work this time.  I started simple, with some tiny herringbone wraps accenting beaded link earrings.

Sterling silver beaded links featuring agates.

Then I moved onto a more complex, handmade clasp.  I really love how this one turned out and would like to incorporate it into more bracelets - but I need to find some more sweet beaded gems to purchase!

Sterling silver handmade clasp on amethyst bracelet.

Finally, I dressed up a simple green cabochon with some wire scrolls and a beaded chain.  It ended up looking very elfin!

Sterling silver wire capture of a Peruvian Cat's Eye Opal.

Thanks for looking and happy creating!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Turquoise and Fossil Pendants

I'm continuing to enjoy working with wire even though I've started setting stones in more traditional sterling silver bezel settings.  When I have something completed to my satisfaction, I'll show those too!

But first here are a few of my recently completed pendants in sterling silver wire - two feature fossilized ammonites and the third is a piece of natural chunk turquoise.  Enjoy!

Ammonite cabochon set in sterling silver round wire.

Ammonite cabochon set in sterling silver square wire.

Natural turquoise cabochon set in sterling silver round wire.

Happy Creating,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Jewelry Sets - Combining Wire & Beads

I'm loving the creativity I'm finding with sterling silver wire, but have been missing beading lately, so I combined the two in a couple of jewelry sets!

First up is a gift for a dear friend's birthday - it is a necklace and bracelet convertible set!  They can be strung together for a long necklace, or worn separately as a collar and bracelet.  They feature matching handmade clasps.

Convertible Set - bracelet & necklace

My next set isn't a perfect match, but they both feature the same vibrant blue glass seashells and broody freshwater pearls.  I wanted to make my own chandelier earrings, and during the process I happened upon some wire weaving that looked like a mermaid tail - especially after adding a little seashell for her fin!  It was a happy accident that I wanted to incorporate into a bigger piece - the necklace.

Chandelier Earrings - pearls & seashells

Mermaid Necklace - pearls & seashells

I have been busy busy with new designs.  My torch is set up and and use.  More is on the way!

Happy Creating,