Friday, April 25, 2014

Mini Rose Garden Wedding Set

Mini Rose Garden - Custom Wedding Set with Sterling Silver and Carved Amethyst

My best friend is getting married soon, and I wanted to make her something special for that day!  While she doesn't have to wear this set at her wedding, the sentiment is still there....but I think she'll be happy with them!  I only wish I could be there - I'm missing everyone's wedding lately!

We talked about a couple designs and she told me she really liked my mini rose garden pendants.  The original plan was to make a similar one to what I've made for others and my shop, but that didn't seem special enough for a wedding so I went on the hunt for what I needed, but didn't know I needed....

Mini Rose Garden Pendant - Custom Piece in Sterling Silver & Carved Amethyst

After finding carved amethyst roses (she loves purple and amethyst so these were really perfect!  The photos don't do the stones justice - they are a deep but vibrant shade of purple instead of the almost black in the photos...), I knew I had it!  I also upgraded to sterling silver settings that I made from sterling sheet (I am so happy to be working in metal again!). 

I changed the original design up a bit, making a round setting with dangles instead of an oval setting with all the beads embedded in the clay - though I admit that I made the oval setting first and still have it, waiting, for something..... I finished it off with some amethyst rounds in the chain and a lobster claw clasp so she can adjust it to any length.  The clay has been colored with a subtle metallic green powder. 

Mini Rose Earrings - Sterling Silver and Carved Amethyst

She's only expecting the necklace - but when I found smaller carved roses to match, I had to make a set of earrings too!  These are a little different, again, but matched enough to be a set.  She's not a matchy-matchy person anyway, usually wearing different earrings in each ear, so I didn't want to just copy the pendant....I think they look like long stem roses dangling from the ears and I hope that translates to others as well!

She should have the set soon, if not already.  Congratulations and enjoy, my oldest and dearest BF!

Happy Creating,

PS - Next week's post will be a day late - BECAUSE it's the BSBP reveal on Saturday!  YAY!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

Last weekend I went to the local Rock and Mineral Show and admired all the local stones, fossils, crystals, and gorgeous craftsmanship!  I've always been drawn to dinosaur bone, though, and finally picked up a nice cab for myself!  Along with a forgotten stash of sterling silver, I should be able to set this stone once I settle on a design....

I have my one cabochon for myself, and I don't think I'm moving into dino bone jewelry any time soon, so I thought I'd show off some talented Etsy jewelry artists who work with this lovely medium!  Just follow the links below the photos to visit their stores.

Dinosaur Bone Pendant by Me Designs by Lis
Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring by Jewelry By Johan

Dinosaur Bone Earrings by Global Pathways
Dinosaur Bone Pendant by CBG Jewelry Designs

Dinosaur Bone Ring by The Hileman Collection

I'll show my piece when it's done, but I hope you've enjoyed this selection until then!

Happy Creating!

Friday, April 11, 2014

DnD Mini - Large Earth Elemental

As I wait to reveal my BSBP creations, I will show off another Reaper Miniature that I painted.  I love how this Large Earth Elemental turned out!  Some of the details didn't come out in the photography, but enough did.  I hand painted both models, as I don't have an air brush.  Not too shabby, right?!

My 2 best minis to date!  Both models by Reaper.

The elemental's eyes are supposed to be glowing, and my paint job sort of worked, but I need some more practice there....What I really love about this model are the details!  The custom base with real amethyst crystals (set into a sandstone formation that I had in my rock collection), the crystals throughout his body, the fossil on his back (I didn't even notice it until I began painting!), and how I blended in the color on the base to the elemental's legs, further suggesting he emerged from the base he is now a part of.  All the little things make this my favorite to date, after my cleric character mini!

Details Details Details!  I love the dinosaur fossil and my base with real amethyst!

Next mini - a traditional dragon!  Unless I get sidetracked by my fire elemental - it's my last of the four main elements that I currently have, waiting in a box for some color....But I also hope to make some more jewelry that I can show before May 3rd! So the next post will be a mystery!  Wait, isn't it always?!

Happy Creating,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Egg Art on Etsy!

Since my time has been full making the BSBP #8 jewelry pieces which I can't reveal until May 3rd, I've decided to get into the Easter spirit by showcasing some lovely Egg Art found on Etsy.  Each of these amazingly talented artists work with real eggs, ranging from the small quail egg to the large ostrich egg.  So impressive and gorgeous!

Links to their shops can be found below each image, in the caption:

Art by the Dozen - Dyed and Etched Eggs
Eggstr Art - Carved and Wax-Decorated Eggs
Ukrainian Treasures - Ukrainian Dyed Eggs
The Nest at Windy Corner - Carved Victorian Eggs
Eggstreme - Egg Jewelry Box (actually opens!)

Kind of makes our rainbow dyed eggs with stickers look sad, but my little girls will love them too!

Happy Creating,