Friday, September 20, 2013

Halstead Beading, Inc. Giveaway - I won!

I've entered many giveaways in the past, but it's a very rare occurrence to actually win.  Of course, it's nice to spread the fun around, too, so I don't enter all the giveaways, either.

But this time it was my turn!  Halstead Bead, Inc. was giving away a set of tool organizers to 3 lucky winners.  They are perfect for my new work bench - and I'm hoping I will get a few more metalsmithing pieces done with my lovely, new, and organized bench space!

Thanks, Halstead! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beaded Suncatchers: Beyond the Spiral

Sun-inspired beaded and wire wrapped suncatcher with antique chandelier crystals. 

There is nothing as mesmerizing on a sunny day as watching rainbows glitter on the walls through a suncatcher - or several!  I remember playing with suncatchers as a child - heck, I still play with suncatchers as an adult!

Beaded and wire-wrapped suncatcher with antique chandelier crystals.

While I love the rainbows splayed from traditional crystal suncatchers, I also love stained glass, witchballs, and beaded window ornaments.  I have not learned how to make stained glass or blown glass, so while I purchase the first two, I happily make the beaded suncatchers!

Simple spiral beaded suncatcher with antique chandelier crystals.

Many beaded suncatchers are simple to make - crimp beads onto fishing line or string them on a wire spiral and hang!  I like these, but I also like more detailed window ornaments - ones that remind me of stained glass.....or are fun and quirky!

Suncatcher for those who like rain - even sunny days can bring joy!

And crystals can always be added to these, too, if you desire a bit more sparkle - and the lure and nostalgia of rainbows! 

Nature-inspired suncatcher with crackle glass and quartz chip beads.

This is my biggest and sparkliest all crystal suncatcher - Columbine - made from Swarovski crystals and entered in one of Fire Mountain Gems' beading contests:

My largest and most detailed suncatcher yet!  Swarovski crystal and copper - "Columbine".

Wish Me Luck and Happy Creating!