Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewelry from Recycled Materials

One person's trash is another person's accessories!

I'm finally posting again, showcasing other artists' work.  Today I've chosen 6 artists who make lovely jewelry from recycled materials.  Who would have thought circuit boards, bottle caps, guitar strings, zippers, and bolts could look so lovely?!  I love that these jewelers have chosen to recycle in such a productive way - maybe I will try harder to incorporate such reusable items into my work in the future!

And here they are, 6 artists from DeviantArt:

I hope you've enjoyed my post!  If you've also enjoyed these artists' works, please visit their DA pages (links above).  Most of them also have shops where you can purchase their awesome pieces.  DA also has many other artists who use recycled materials, so check out a new site and find some other amazing artists!

I hope to continue to have new blog entries at least once a week, probably on Wednesdays.  Maybe I'll be able to up it to twice a week once grad. school is completed next summer!  

In other news, a winner has been chosen for round two of my jewelry giveaway!  More news later, once the prize has been completed.  The next giveaway will be at 84 followers; so spread the news!

Happy creating 
& Happy Thanksgiving,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Note on 1000 Markets

Many of my previous posts have had artists from 1000 Markets featured.  Well, 1000 Markets has changed to Bonanza!  If the links no longer work, my apologies.  Bonanza was supposed to convert easily, moving seller's stock from one site to the other, with a link to the new shop as well. 

My shop, of course, didn't convert.  They somehow lost my items in the move!  So, my 1000 Markets shop is closed, and so far I haven't bothered to try to open one on Bonanza.  My Etsy shop, however, is being renovated and is still open!

For anyone else who made the switch, was it worth it?  How do you like Bonanza?

'Til next time!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double or Nothing: Jewelry Giveaway - Round Two!

First off, my apologies for the long long long delay in posts!  A lot has happened in the last couple months.  Our move was successful, we're enjoying our new house.  Lots more space than the apartment!  Our girl is loving the yard and the neighbor's kittens!  I won't bore you with the other details, but let me say it's been very busy and stressful around here for a while.  I'm glad to be back posting, hopefully it'll start up with some regularity again!


While I was gone, more followers joined up!  So, it's time for the next round of my giveaway event.  I have chosen to offer up a single peyote stitch bangle for the lucky winner!  

Options are:

1-3 colors of your choice - I have most colors of the rainbow, so pick away!

pattern of your choice - mixed all together (picture a calico cat), stripes/bands, a swirl, or a solid color

size of your choice - I need to know size to make sure it'll fit over your hand!  These awesome bangles roll over your hand with no need for a clasp!  One size fits most, but not all.  For example, my husband and I can wear the same bangle, but it's a tight fit for him and strains the bangle more than is necessary.  Also, if you like looser jewelry, you may chose a larger size!  Or vice versa.  I'll send the details to the lucky winner!

Bottom line, you get lots of choices!  Please see images below for examples of these amazing bangles.

And of course, the rules!

To enter:
Follow my blog and comment here that you would like to be entered.  

Leave an email address where I can reach you.  Worth one entry.

ENDS November 19th, 2010 at Midnight, as timestamped on comments.

This end date will hopefully give me time to complete the prize over Thanksgiving break, so you can get it before Christmas!  

For extra entries (each in a new comment):

1. Post about my jewelry, blog, and giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, your Blog, etc.  Leave a link.  If you post in more than one place, leave each link in a new comment.  Each post is worth one entry.

2.  Comment here with a suggestion for future blog topics, including tutorials you'd like to see me post.  Each suggestion in a new comment is worth one entry.

3. Visit one or both of my galleries, as my shops are under construction.  DeviantArt or Flickr.  Comment here on a piece you especially liked and why.  Each new comment is worth one entry.  

Next Rounds:

84 followers giveaway:  Necklace with Stone Pendant

168 followers giveaway:  Beadwoven Necklace