Friday, November 4, 2016

Stepping Up the Art Bookmarks!

I've recently been asked for very specific bookmark designs - here are some of my absolute favorites from this fall!

Teton Sunrise, original artwork bookmark

Ode to Van Gogh - custom bookmark request

Rainy Season, original artwork bookmark

Superior, MN - designed after a USFS logo

Copper with flame patina and various tassels.  My shop:

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Dragonfly Pendant Set!

One of my favorite orders to date - three custom "hidden" dragonfly pendants!  These pendants are handmade from sterling silver and natural stones, with a special cutout on the reverse side.

Tiffany Stone Pendant with dragonfly in sterling silver.
Shattuckite stone pendant with dragonflies in sterling silver.
Lepidolite stone pendant with dragonfly in sterling silver.

 The last pendant was set a little differently with a non-traditional setting - it's a partial bezel setting that shows off the sides of the stone as well.  It's been awhile since I've made this type of setting and I'm excited to make more!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Sonoran Sunrise Feather Pins

I came across Sonoran Sunrise (sometimes called Sonoran Sunset or chrysocolla cuprite) awhile back and immediately loved it.  After a short time, a design idea came to mind - and I knew exactly what I wanted to make, and for who!

Sonoran Sunrise Feather Pins - natural stone, set in sterling silver

These matching pins are for my parents.  I had the cabochons custom cut for my design, then made the sterling silver settings.  They should get them almost in time for their anniversary.

Double pin backs - much more secure and still easily put on!

The backs are also handmade and feature a double pin back.  This keeps the pins from flipping AND adds security.  I've lost pins before and it makes me so sad every time - I wanted to avoid that feeling for my parents!  I think all my future pins will have the double pin back - I mean, why not?!

Sonoran Sunrise Feather Pins - matched pair for my parents' anniversary!

I wish I could be there when they opened these gifts up, but I'm certain they'll like them.  The colors, the reference to nature, the fact that they traveled to the SW several times together....The pins are matched, but not identical, and not, I think, cutesy.  Perfect!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Silver Pendants featuring Natural Stones

A fun, summery streak of handmade pendants!  Each cabochon featured here was made by a local cabber and then set by me.  The amazonite and lapis were made specifically at my request - normally I design around an already made cabochon, but I could get maybe get used to designing and then having the cabs made....

Beryllium opal in a handmade sterling silver setting.

Kambaba jasper in a handmade sterling silver setting.

I think the beryllium opal cabochon looks like a lovely sunset with the purples, pinks, and oranges in perfect layers across its surface.  The kambaba jasper reminds my husband of Starry Night by Van Gogh - I can see that a bit too.  I had several cabs made from the amazonite rough - it was too lovely to pass up!  This one is in a more art deco/geometrical design, while the lapis is set in a more whimsical setting with a rainbow of color play in the texture from a patina.  

Amazonite in a handmade sterling silver setting.

Lapis lazuli in a handmade sterling silver setting with patina.

Lots of summer fun!  More on the way, including a couple pins.  I have some really lovely stones that I look forward to designing around!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Setting Stones in Filigree Pendants

I keep going back to filigree - I love the organic, free flowing lines!  This pair of pendants have "mystery" cabochons set in them. 

Poppies Pendant - red jasper with filigree "petals" in sterling silver.

Thermal Pendant - sterling silver; reminds me of Yellowstone's hot springs!

One is a red jasper, the other a true mystery.  I purchased these cabochons years and years ago - I don't think I knew enough at the time to ask what these lovelies were!  Nonetheless, they make pretty pendants.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Rolling Mill Pendants and Handmade Neckwires

My posts have dropped to about once a month - I've been busy adding tools, techniques, and new designs to my shop and my local artists' studio.  One tool I've been playing with again is my rolling mill - I still love this alternative to etching that is chemical and waste free!  Plus, it's more versatile too.

Copper pendant - patterned in a rolling mill and "painted" with fire.

Here are a pair of pendants that I created with the rolling mill - another cool thing about the mill is that when you make a metal sandwich to impress your pattern, you get two imprints at the same time!  I chose to use sterling silver and copper so the pendants are similar but different. 

Silver pendant - patterned with a rolling mill and hammer; painted with LOS.

I added additional texture to the silver pendant in the form of dots along the petals.  Both the copper and the silver pendant have been patinaed for create the variation of color on their surfaces.  Next, I made neckwires for both.

Completed necklace with handmade neckwire.

For the copper one, I flattened one side of the copper with the rolling mill and then hand twisted the wire.  For the silver one, I twisted gold-filled and sterling silver together and then finished it off with a handmade chain and clasp.

Completed necklace with handmade neckwire with chain.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Piece - Jaguar in the Jungle

I have completed another wall art piece!  This one features cheetah agate, a brass jaguar, and copper imprinted with leaves and ferns.  Love the little details on this one!

Jaguar in the Jungle - a wall art piece about 12" long, mounted on wood.

The brass outline was drawn and then hand cut from brass sheet.  The copper was "etched" with my rolling mill and actual dried ferns and leaves.  I love the rolling mill - no acids or other chemicals and no waste to dispose of.  Plus, just look at those imprints! 

Copper - rolling mill "etching" with real leaves and ferns
Cheetah agate - gorgeous, natural cat-like pattern!

This piece has the cheetah agate slab embedded in the wood, so it is nearly flush with the surface.  It's ready to find a "forever home" and be hung up!


More to come!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Piece - Castle on a Cliff

Petrified wood slab with a handmade copper and brass scenic art frame.

Newest art piece!  This one is significantly smaller, but really cool, too.  AND if you want to give me an opinion on it, you can win a prize here:  Silver Serpent Studio on Facebook

About 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide - this small piece packs a punch and lots of details!  The black background is painted wood with a picture hanger for mounting on a wall - it could also be displayed in one of the mini easels.  The metal frame is a mixture of copper and brass - the dragon is copper with a flame patina; the waves are also copper with a genuine verdigris patina (this isn't just painted on - I went through the whole process of creating this patina over 3 days); and the frame is textured brass.

Art piece with my hand as size comparison - about 12" tall.

The coolest bit about this piece, in my humble opinion, is the rock slab that I've framed.  It is a polished piece of petrified wood!  It looked like a scene to me, so I embellished upon it.  I see a castle on a cliff with a storm raging overhead.  I added in roiling waves and a dragon.

I have a small box of additional, really awesome rock slabs just waiting to be framed.  Next up:  cheetah agate!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

NEW Metal Bookmark Sizes!

I'm so excited - I've designed two NEW bookmarks that are fully customizable!  They are both available in copper, aluminum, and brass - the copper and brass can be flame patinaed too for added color.

Meet The Skinny:

The Skinny Bookmark - copper and copper with flame patina samples.

The Skinny is half size to my Paperback Bookmarks.  These lovelies are personalized with stamping only - names and short phrases, as well as your choice in hammer texture and ribbon tassel color.

and The Shorty:

The Shorty Bookmark - brass, aluminum, and copper with flame patina samples.

The Shorty is half size to my Hardcover Bookmarks.  These cuties are perfect for smaller artwork pieces - scene, animal, or silhouette to be determined by you and drawn up by my!  Full tassel line, including leather, is available for this size.

I'm also offering matched bookmark sets!  Here is one set I just completed with 6 matched art bookmarks:

Matched Bookmark Set - Hardcover size, copper with flame patina.

I have one more new design in the works and will hopefully unveil it soon!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Loving Handmade Filigree!

Filigree can be frustrating to made, but it is so light weight and lovely that all the extra effort seems worth it in the end!  The best part, to me at least, is that each pair of earrings I create are unique!  I rarely repeat designs anyway, but with so many design options out there, why limit myself to a couple?!

Here are my newest filigree earrings:

Art Nouveau Earrings - handmade filigree from sterling silver

Art Nouveau Earrings - handmade filigree from sterling silver

Ammonite Earrings - handmade filigree from sterling silver

Ammonite Earrings - handmade filigree from sterling silver

Available in my shop, or request a custom pair made just for you!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Art Bookmarks - Hummingbirds in Copper!

Since I've introduced Art Bookmarks, I've had several requests for hummingbirds!  These lively little birds are a joy to draw and color with flame - they really are vibrant with color and I have yet to truly capture their beauty in photographs!  Still, here are some of my designs (and a dragon that snuck in there) for you to enjoy:

Hummingbird Bookmark - custom order, copper with flame patina, hardcover size.

Hummingbird and Dragon bookmarks - custom order, copper with flame patina, hardcover size.

Hummingbird Matched Set - custom order, copper with flame patina, hardcover size.

Hopefully you noticed that each bookmark is unique - my art bookmarks are one of a kind, even if the subject matter is similar.  Truly heirloom quality!

Which brings me to my next big announcement - I will be releasing an Heirloom Bookmark line with additional sizes and options soon!  YAY!

Thanks for stopping by!  You can see more of my designs on Facebook or Etsy.