Friday, September 26, 2014

Artist Spotlight - Larissa Shadis of Freedom Art

Today I would like to put a spotlight on Larissa Shadis - the art gene runs deep in this family!  My sister has a wonderful talent at drawing animal caricatures, especially of couples or families.  The photographs of the drawings don't do them justice!

Golden Lion Tamarins - My Family "Portrait"!

Here is my commission, my family of 4 as golden lion tamarins.  I wasn't sure what animal or animals to choose, and Larissa suggested these tamarins.  I thought it was perfect!  I love all the little details she adds - here our name is done up in rainforest animals and the border is fabulous!

Wedding gift for friends.

This one was for some family friends on their wedding day - this couple loves the outdoors and canoeing.  Look at all the details in the border again?!

Caricature of a couple - animals as requests (a tiger and swamp deer).

And here is one of her first, a commission for my brother and his wife.  I love the setting of the drawing, and the little ladybug detail outside the frame....

She has more caricatures on her DeviantArt account, under the name Candid-Creations, and on FB under Freedom Art, as well as some of her other drawings and paintings (which are phenomenal!) 

Aries - the first in the Zodiac Series.

She has also started a Zodiac series that she hopes to turn into a coloring book - I can't wait to see all 12!  Here is Aries!

Happy Creating!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Suncatcher Pendant - UFO Ship

I had a custom order come in last week - a lady wanted to know if I could make my UFO suncatcher into a pendant.  I thought this was a grand idea (I might have to turn some of my other suncatchers into miniature versions, too)! 

UFO Suncatcher - 5-6" across.

The suncatcher is about 6 inches across.  Miniaturizing it changes the way I put it together, so I set about making a sample out of copper.  Below is my second try - I didn't wire the beads on the sample, but gave her options because she mentioned wanting it multicolored.

UFO Pendant - copper practice piece with bead choices.

In the end, she chose sterling silver and Swarovski bicone crystals in a couple colors.  The final pendant size is just over 1 inch across, and includes shoulders and a neck (versus the floating head above.....).

UFO Pendant - sterling silver wire, Swarovski crystals.

I had a lot of fun making this piece - custom work is my favorite because I get to create something unique from another person's vision.  It can be quite a challenge - but I love it!

UFO Pendant - sterling silver wire, sterling silver chain, Swarovski crystals.

What I need now is a better way to take photos of metals - it can be difficult to get good color and clarity when photographing copper and silver - especially when they are shiny!

Happy Creating,