Friday, December 26, 2014

Beaded Wooden Ornaments!

This year I realized that I had given away a number of beaded glass ornaments over the years to family and friends, but I hadn't given any ornaments to my side of the family!  Say what?!  So I set about to correct that oversight....

Handmade wooden spindles, beaded by me, and turned into ornaments!

I changed up the design, however.  My brother had turned some wooden spindles for me a couple years ago.  The original idea was to use them as pendants, but they were a little large for that plan.  So they sat around, waiting....but they are the perfect size for Christmas tree ornaments!

Beaded wooden spindles - reds.
Beaded wooden spindles - greens.
Beaded wooden spindles - blues.

So here  they are - 9 ornaments that I passed along to my family and friends this year!  Each one took a two or more hours to complete, but it was worth it.  They are lovely, if I do say so, and unique.  I think I'll need to commission some additional spindles from my brother once he gets his shop up and running again!

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fordite Pendant in Sterling Silver

After posting about Fordite way back in August 2013, Sue from Fordite Fanatics UK sent a fordite cabochon my way.  I was surprised and delighted - I really wanted to showcase the cab well and it took a while to come up with a design that I liked.

Fordite set in sterling silver with garnet accents.

I knew I wanted to bring in garnet because I love garnet, and because the fordite has so many colors in it that I wanted to bring out one to the forefront.  I might add some more garnet to the chain, I haven't decided.

I do think that I will keep this one for myself, though.  Fordite is becoming difficult to acquire and this is a rather pretty piece!

Happy Creating and thank again, Sue!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Modern Leaf Earrings

I loved how the sterling silver leaf pendant came out, so I went on to make a mostly matching set of earrings - I added a little garnet bead to the centers!

Sterling silver leaf earrings with garnet accents.

Off to finish making Christmas presents again!

Happy Creating,

Friday, December 5, 2014

Modern Leaf Pendant - Sterling Silver Wire

My newest design!  I love it - an elegant mix of art deco and nature.  Created with sterling silver square and 1/2 round wire.  Measures approximately 2 inches long.  Available in my Etsy Shop.

New Design - Modern Leaf Pendant in Sterling Silver

Now back to making Christmas presents before I'm out of time!

Happy creating,