Friday, March 28, 2014

DnD Minis 2: Oriental Dragon

Since I can't show the jewelry I've been working on until May 3rd (wonder why?  read this post!), I've decided to show off another DnD miniature!  I haven't had much time to work on these little guys, either, so I only have 1 this time.

But he's a little larger, about 4 inches long, and more detailed.  I also spent more time putting the base together with rough sand, crystal formations, and epoxy clay - that's totally what clouds are made of, right?!  He's an oriental dragon turned air elemental - I think that comes across okay, but maybe I've been staring at him too long....

(click on the above image to zoom in)

His eyes were a dark bronze color, but I think the green shows up better.  I have a range of blues, purples, bronze, gold, and yellow on here.  There were many layers - I have to say that painting metal models is more difficult than the Bones figures.   The paint sticks better to the Bones figures - and I used a double coat of primer!  Thank goodness for sealants - I really hope that helps keep the paint in place because I don't want to repaint him any time soon....

I'll probably tackle another dragon next, but I have something really special planned for him....we'll see if I can make it work!  And I need more epoxy clay - that stuff is awesome for basing these models....oh, and for jewelry making!

Happy Creating,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Copper Capped Earrings

NEW!  Copper Capped Earrings

My newest design - Copper Capped Earrings!  A wonderful mix of metals - copper and sterling - with an earthy touch (natural stone bead) in a modern design.  Everything is handmade, from the copper caps to the sterling wire work and connections.

Copper Capped Earrings - all handmade components!

I think the whole design works well together and I love them!  This pair is mine (um, they have to be tested, yeah.....) but similar pairs will be up in my etsy shop soon, or you can always request a pair!  I have already made another pair for a customer - going in the mail tomorrow!

Blue Labradorite - new center stone beads for this design!

Which means, unfortunately, that I am now out of gray stone beads.  I also can't find any more (so if you know of a shop - please share!), but I did pick up some fantastic "blue" labradorite that is going to look awesome in this design!  It is still gray, but with a bit of cat's eye glow....

Happy Creating,

Monday, March 17, 2014

BSBP #8 - Soup's Here!

Another early post - a Bead Soup Blog Party Update! 

Last week I sent out my soup to Gloria, and she sent her soup to me.  We both got each others' packages - so I can now reveal what I sent and what I received!  It's all so exciting and my mind is racing with possibilities....

This is what I sent Gloria:

My soup for Gloria!
Oops - the soup needed a little more sterling!

  • Large stone focal (dumortierite)
  • Sterling silver clasp
  • Sterling silver accent beads (separate photo - last minute addition!)
  • Various glass beads (Czech, fire-polished, marbled)
  • Various crystal bicones
  • Sodalite daggers
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Large link chain

Dumortierite Focal - 2 very different sides to choose from!

I love the focal and had ideas running through my head about what I'd do with it, if it were mine to keep.  Its 2 sides are very different.  One side is highly polished, black and blue.  The other is rough, with yellows and oranges added to the mix.  So I'm really excited to see what Gloria decides to make with my soup - and which side she'll show off on the focal!

Chain & toggle clasp details.

And this is what Gloria sent my way, in 3 pretty bags:

Gloria packaged her soup up with an elegant touch!

  • Several focals (brass heart, copper flower, fairy cameo, glass flower, & Donna Millard bead)
  • Several clasps (brass toggle, box clasp, flower toggle, handmade copper hook & scroll)
  • Copper findings (jump rings, head pins, ear wires)
  • Various gemstone beads (agates, dyed jade, malachite/azurite, flowers, jasper, amethyst)
  • Various crystals (bicones, drops, squares)
Gloria's soup for me!

I think there are at least 3 soups in there, maybe more!  I think it's a great soup - it will definitely challenge me because I don't usually work with so many colors, or such fun, bright colors!  I have ideas for most of the soup ingredients, but my absolute favorites are the fairy cameo focal (I adore fairies, as childish as that is....) and the bead by Donna Millard (her work is gorgeous!).

Fairy Cameo - LOVE it!  And the matching clasp....
Donna Millard Focal - LOVE it, too!  So bright!

So thank you thank you thank you, Gloria!  You were so generous with your soup - now I have to get busy creating!

The reveal date is May 3rd - so come back then, if not before!  And check out Gloria's blog, too!

Aquamarine beads - a special gift from Gloria!

Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot!  Gloria also added some aquamarine beads as a special gift - aren't they gorgeous?!  I'm supposed to make some earrings with them....maybe I can show those off before the reveal date!

Happy Creating,

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Elvis!

Last year I was searching for a cookie jar, and I posted about a number of lovelies that I had found (see the post here).  A couple of the potters contacted me after the post, but one in particular stood out.  I was leaning a little more towards the whimsical cookie jars anyway (aren't the cookie jars really for the kids????), but when Stormy of The Black Dog Pottery made contact, my decision was made!  She was polite and informative without being pushy, and she was very accommodating.  I already loved her little Cuties, but I wanted different colors and maybe a tail....

Elvis, a Cutie by The Black Dog Pottery studio.

And Elvis was born!  While he isn't really big enough for the batches of cookies I make, I still love him and his silly face.  He's perfect for candy and my girls think he's fun too!  I still love how the lid opens across his mouth, and how the inside is just as nicely finished and glazed as the outside.  Plus, he was delivered early!

While I don't see any Cuties listed currently, Stormy would probably accept a custom order.  Or check out some of her other creations - from beautiful to earthy to whimsical, they are there and made with love and precision!  I'm now eying her little fairy houses....

Fairy House by Black Dog Pottery on Etsy

Thanks again, Stormy!

Happy Creating,

Monday, March 10, 2014

BSBP #8 - Introducing My Partner!

I found out last Friday who I've been partnered with for the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP)!  I was too excited to wait until Friday to post, so surprise post!

And my partner is Gloria Allen of Gloria Allen Designs from New York!  She has joined in the fun for another year, and I've enjoyed getting to know a little more about her, as well as perusing her blog and Etsy Shop, and admiring her handiwork with wire and colorful beads!   

Here are just a couple of my favorites from Gloria Allen Designs:

I can't wait to see what she comes up with for my soup....and I hope she loves it as much as me! Speaking of my soup, here's a teaser photo:

My Soup for Gloria for the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party!

I'll show a clear photo of my soup and what she sent to me once our packages have been exchanged and hopefully ooh-ed and aah-ed over!  Now I'm off to her blog - maybe she posted a teaser photo as well! 

Happy Creating,

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friendly Kids Decor - Pillows!

Pillows for my daughters - pink skulls and purple owls!

My girls and I were in a fabric store looking for curtain material to decorate their rooms, but instead found these cute fabrics made from heavy canvas material.  While the material wouldn't make very great curtains, it certainly would make great pillows (it withstands the hard use of children quite well)!  Plus, soft and unbreakable is great for kids' rooms....and it doesn't get softer and more unbreakable than pillows!

Piping Edge on Pillows - adds a little something more!

I wanted the pillows to be a little more special than just a square, so I rounded the corners and added cord piping on the edge.  It took less than an afternoon to make both pillows, the girls love them, and their bedrooms have a little more "personal" touch (other than the constant toy mess on the floor.....)!

If you want to make your own pillows with piping, I suggest this tutorial by The Seasoned Homemaker.  It's the one I (mostly) followed and she even shows you how to make your own piping (I did not do that - I bought cording already made for piping instead).  I prefer the envelope pillows to zippered ones because I really dislike sewing zippers, and I don't like hard zippers on my soft pillows!  She does a nice job, so there was no reason for my to attempt a tutorial....

Happy Creating,