Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Piece - Jaguar in the Jungle

I have completed another wall art piece!  This one features cheetah agate, a brass jaguar, and copper imprinted with leaves and ferns.  Love the little details on this one!

Jaguar in the Jungle - a wall art piece about 12" long, mounted on wood.

The brass outline was drawn and then hand cut from brass sheet.  The copper was "etched" with my rolling mill and actual dried ferns and leaves.  I love the rolling mill - no acids or other chemicals and no waste to dispose of.  Plus, just look at those imprints! 

Copper - rolling mill "etching" with real leaves and ferns
Cheetah agate - gorgeous, natural cat-like pattern!

This piece has the cheetah agate slab embedded in the wood, so it is nearly flush with the surface.  It's ready to find a "forever home" and be hung up!


More to come!

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