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DIY Organization - Jewelry Holder for Necklaces or Bracelets

I have a lot of necklaces, and only one jewelry box, so what I actually have is one big knot!  It takes 5-10 minutes every morning just to disentangle part of the mess.  I tend to wear the same two necklaces all week so I don't have to deal with it.  That means another 20 or so necklaces just lie about......

Sound familiar?  Tired of it?  I was - and I finally decided to do something about it!  I searched the web for some DIY jewelry organizers or holders.  I found several that were quite well done or unique - including one where a rake head was used to hang necklaces on the back of a door!  Fun, fun.....  But I didn't want to buy a rake head, or anything if I could help it.....

So I looked around the house to see what I had.  I had a weathered but solid wood board that needed a little sanding.  I had ribbon.  I had cloth with a pretty pattern.  I had tacks.  I even had sandpaper and a saw to even the board edges.  The only thing I was missing?  Hooks!  There are some really cool hooks out there, but I was going for volume instead of decor.  Meaning what?  I wanted BIG hooks instead of small fancy ones.  But if you don't need volume but want more class, be sure to check out the hook section of home improvement stores.  There are some lovelies - including fleur-di-lis!

This project took me less than an hour after I had all the materials together.  It's quick, simple, and (I think) elegant.  At least more elegant than a knot in my jewelry my jewelry box houses my less tangled bracelets instead!  Though a second hook board would certainly work for bracelets too....hmmmm....I even have left over fabric!


Wood - cut to length, sanded smooth
Fabric - doubled and cut so it overlaps 1-2 inches onto the back of the board
Hooks - style and number up to you!
Tacks/small nails - shorter than the board is thick (don't want them going through!)
Hanging fixtures - framing wire & eye hooks work well, plus wall hook

Ribbon - optional decoration
Sandpaper - optional for smooth wood, fine grit (220-400)
Saw - optional if wood needs to be cut
Stapler - optional, or an alternative to using tacks


1) Cut the board to length.  Sand smooth - edges most important to avoid splinters and cutting fabric on edges.

2) Layout fabric and place board on top.  I chose to double the thickness of fabric.  Cut the fabric so it folds onto the back of the board by 1/2 - 2 inches.

3) Fold edges of fabric under.  Iron if you wish, but I just held it folded over.  I like it quick and easy!  Besides, it's the back of my personally jewelry holder.....

4) Tack down fabric to wood.  I started on the short edges and moved to the longer edges.  Either way, pull the fabric tight evenly so you don't skew the pattern.  Instead of tacking down an entire side, move from side to side, edge to edge until you tack all the way around.  Look up how to tack down canvas on a handmade frame if you are totally lost!

5) Admit that using a stapler would be easier.  I chose tacks because my stapler was broken and I had pretty gold tacks lying about.....

6) Admire your work so far!  Then chose if you want to add ribbon to it or not.  I liked the look.  Wrap with ribbon.  Tape or more tacks may be necessary if you want your ribbon rigidly in place.

7) Add your chosen hanging fixtures to the back.

8) Go back to the front of your necklace holder and mark where you want your hooks.  Or, randomly place them!  Tack or screw your hooks down.  The fabric may twist initially, but it usually lays flat after a couple turns.  You could cut small holes if this is a problem.....

9) Hang up your new necklace/jewelry holder and start sorting out that knot for the last time!

10) Wear any necklace you want any day you want without fuss and frustration!  Yay!

If you have a similar jewelry organizer or holder, please share!

Happy Creating,

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  1. What a great idea! I can't believe I never thought of this before...I have so many tangled up necklaces that desperately need a home. I may have to make one (or five...) or these!


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