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Tidy Crafts: Get Your Studio Makeover!



I was contacted by Tidy Crafts through Etsy a couple months ago.  They were looking for crafters and artists to test their products - or so I thought.  I happily replied that I would love to try out their organizers (I can ALWAYS use more organizers for my crafts and beads!) and expected them to send me one of their organizers.  I thought I would get to use it for a while, and then write a review on what I thought of it.  I also shared this information with my local Etsy Group since Tidy Crafts was looking for local testers.

More of my mess.....

Well, a month later I found out that Tidy Crafts had actually been searching for a messy studio/craft area to redo for FREE!  They chose my mess to organize and I was blown away.  Really, me?  Are you sure I'm the one you want to give this amazing gift to?  It's actually kind of embarrassing that my space is such a disaster area.....  A couple weeks later they came by, looked my space over, and started making plans.  A couple days later they came and organized my beads and supplies! 

Baggies + tackle boxes = mess!

The guys were very friendly and VERY generous.  They gave me several spinning organizers, a back board, more little organizers for that, tool hangers, and more.  I couldn't believe the difference in my space.  I went from having a 1 by 2 foot working space to my ENTIRE 6 foot table to work on!  I admit, the entire table didn't stay completely clear, but it's still mostly clear and I can not only bead in my space, but also sew or do other crafts.  It's amazing and wonderful!

I've been loving everything they gave me to try.  The little containers are the perfect size to hold most bead strands, including full hanks of size 11 seed beads (which I use a lot....).  The carousels are awesome for storage, display, and finding the beads I want.  I organized by size and color, and it's so easy to find what I want now!  The little cases are clear, too, which makes it easy to see what's in them and match colors up quickly.  The carousels come in a couple different models, and the one I have "locks" the cases in place so I can travel with them easily.  They seem sturdy and well made, but can be a little brittle in the extreme cold.  So don't drop it in freezing weather!  But really, what isn't brittle when it's that cold outside?!?!?!

 Some of the carousels and other organizers!

My only concern has been with the storage of my pearls.  Pearls are notoriously difficult to store, and I had to come up with a different storage solution than what Tidy Crafts provided.  Pearls need to breath, and can react poorly to plastics or papers, including cardboard.  So I have them stored in open glass containers - it's really helped keep them lustrous!  I've had pearls "rot" on me before (the luster faded and holes appeared in the body of the pearl), so I make certain to store them correctly now!  This isn't an issue with glass pearls, however.

 Look at that space to work in!  (Snowflake tutorial here)

I know this has sounded like a huge promotional advertisement, but I really do appreciate what Tidy Crafts did for me, and I really have liked their products.  I'm not getting paid to endorse them, I'd simply like to give back to this generous company.  They didn't even ask me to carry flyers or business cards with me when I attend craft fairs, or to post on my blog, or anything!  It was a free giveaway with no strings attached.  Very generous! And it's helped me stay organized, design more jewelry quicker, and even do other crafts (such as sewing) in the same space!  How awesome is that?!!?

Tidy Crafts is giving away a monthly makeover (I'm not sure how long this promotion will be going on), so if you live in SE Idaho, go check out their Facebook page for details.  It's a makeover for any craft, not just beading!  If you live elsewhere and still want to check out their supplies, here's their website

Happy Beading,

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  1. Gosh, I think your set up looked pretty organized even in the before picture! lol

    So much better than mine anyways!!!


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