Monday, January 23, 2012

SouthEast Idaho Artisans & Crafters on Etsy

As I search for local craft fairs to attend or participate in, and then go to them and spend money on wonderful handmade items, I realize there are many, many talented artists and crafters in my region.  Today I've decided to show off some of these items that seemed particularly unique, well-made, and/or creative and I hope you enjoy looking (and maybe shopping....) as much as I did!  As you can see, I particularly enjoyed finding unique children's items.....

The children's clothes found in this shop are very sweet - they vary from bright and fun (as shown above) to classic and romantic!

I've been admiring Jas Glass Art for a while now - the pendants are new since my last perusal, but I still love the unique window art as well.

There are more than just wonderfully fun and detailed hair clips at this store, but the flower headbands grab my attention first every time!

Gemstones, lampwork beads, typewriter keys, and other fun and/or classy jewelry can be found here!  It's a marvelous mix of whimsical and elegance all in one design.

I love the precious knit hat and blanket designs made by Red and Company - they also have some beautiful quilts!
Find fun, colorful, original art ready to hang, as well as hats, bags, and mittens!
ADORABLE baby boots and booties can be found in this store, as well as hats and skirts in fun prints and warm knits!

I thought this was a fantastic idea - a little roll up pouch for crayons!  It even comes with some colors already inside.  Find other baby items, such as fun printed bibs or burp cloth sets, or check out the children's Craft Bucket!

Each artist and crafter shown today is a part of the SouthEast Idaho Etsy Team and they have shops open and full of finished goods ready to go if you find yourself interested - just follow the link in the titles.  You can also find out more about each product or shop owner just by clicking on the shop name or profile on Etsy!

If you are like me, and buy some items and enjoy making others, be sure to check out some of the SouthEast Idaho Etsy Team members who sell patterns as well as products!

Happy Creating,


  1. Nice feature of other Etsy team members!

  2. The wrap it up crayons is just adorable. I love owls!

  3. Thank you :) I love your feature! There are so many talented individuals in our area.

  4. Love it! There are so many awesome crafters from our area!

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