Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday Hiatus: Ornament Group 1

I love handmade for the holidays - but it is a time consuming process and I can't share what I'm making until after Christmas!  I apologize, but my posts will most likely be sporadic until January, when I will have more to show than can fit in several posts! 

I did notice that I've never shown my beaded Christmas Ornaments, so I will leave you with a couple posts fill with them to get you in the holiday cheer!  I know Halloween just ended, but snow is in the air and I can't wait!

Handmade Ornament - painted and beaded.

Handmade Ornament - painted and beaded.

Handmade Ornament - painted and bead.

Handmade Ornament - painted and bead.  This one has a fun "hidden" bottom with a star!

Each ornament started as a plain clear or frosted glass ball - I painted them inside and then beaded them on the outside.  Since then, I've learned better painting techniques if you want a smooth finish inside - rinse with alcohol first!  Still, I personally like the imperfect, handmade painted look with sporadic, drippy paint!

Happy Creating,

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