Friday, April 3, 2015

Greens & Pink - Natural Stone Pendants

Between custom orders, I've captured another stone and a couple beads in sterling silver wire settings! 

This first one is an aqua terra jasper bead - this is one of my favorite stones.  The sea green color with the tan inclusions never bores me!

Aqua terra jasper bead wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Next is a mariposite cabochon wrap.  This one is fairly large at over 2 inches long.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to set this one, actually, because my first stone broke!  Thankfully, I had purchased it from a local couple and she was able to make me another - from her last piece of stock!  I like the new stone even more than the old one - it has a bit more green in it.

Mariposite cabochon set in a sterling silver wire wrap.

Finally, I have a rhodochrosite bead accented with smoky quartz.  I think this stone is remarkable for its natural pink color and crystalline banding throughout!  I still have a few beads left - I pull them out to use them about once a year.

Rhodochrosite and smoky quartz in a sterling silver wire weave.

Thanks for looking and happy creating!

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