Friday, May 22, 2015

May's Custom Orders

This month I had a couple of really fun custom orders!  One was for a set of purple kingman turquoise cabochons and the other was for a pair of matched Australian lightning ridge opals!

This turquoise pendant features 2 of the 4 cabochons the customer had - we drew up many designs and she found this one.  We're both happy with the end result!

Purple Kingman Turquoise set in sterling silver - handmade setting.

The next order was for cufflinks for my customer's father's birthday - he buys jewelry for his wife quite often but never for himself.  I thought it was a nice gift and was excited to work with these gorgeous opals!  I didn't photograph the fire very well - they flash blue, green, and red!

Australian Lightning Ridge Opal set in sterling silver - handmade setting.

I'm hoping my next post will finally show the serpent wall piece I've been working on, on and off, for over 6 months!  I'm down to the finishing details!

Thanks for stopping in and happy creating!

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