Monday, July 26, 2010

End of July Update: We're Moving!

Starting next weekend, we'll be even busier than usual: My family is moving out of our apartment and into a house!  We're very excited for the extra space, backyard, and the design possibilities. 

My posts for the next month will probably be sporadic at best, lacking at worst.  My apologies, but hopefully near the end of August or sometime in September I'll be back up and running again! 

I'm thinking that post subjects may drift toward money-saving, DIY decorating ideas and projects.  I've wanted to try some things out for a while, and now I have a home with the space and option to do them!  If you have any ideas or good websites/blogs to check out, please comment with the website - I have a few but am always looking for more!

Happy Creating!


  1. How exciting Hannah! I remember when we bought our first house-exciting and nerve racking at the same time! Have fun, enjoy your new spcae!

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