Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewelry from Recycled Materials

One person's trash is another person's accessories!

I'm finally posting again, showcasing other artists' work.  Today I've chosen 6 artists who make lovely jewelry from recycled materials.  Who would have thought circuit boards, bottle caps, guitar strings, zippers, and bolts could look so lovely?!  I love that these jewelers have chosen to recycle in such a productive way - maybe I will try harder to incorporate such reusable items into my work in the future!

And here they are, 6 artists from DeviantArt:

I hope you've enjoyed my post!  If you've also enjoyed these artists' works, please visit their DA pages (links above).  Most of them also have shops where you can purchase their awesome pieces.  DA also has many other artists who use recycled materials, so check out a new site and find some other amazing artists!

I hope to continue to have new blog entries at least once a week, probably on Wednesdays.  Maybe I'll be able to up it to twice a week once grad. school is completed next summer!  

In other news, a winner has been chosen for round two of my jewelry giveaway!  More news later, once the prize has been completed.  The next giveaway will be at 84 followers; so spread the news!

Happy creating 
& Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. Thank you for the feature! ^_^

    And what a nice blog you have goin' here!

    The circuit board cuff shown here is still for sale on my website (link is my name on this comment) if anyone's interested!

    Thanks again!
    - Stacy

  2. Thank you so much for the feature! You have some amazing stuff here on your blog.

    I now have my own jewellery website up and running over at for my zip jewellery, recycled watch pendants and chainmail bits and bobs if anyone is interested!

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow! What a superb idea and they look beautiful too!


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