Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Memory Wire - More Versatile Than You May Think!

I've been absent of late for many reasons, but one reason is that I've recently taken a job at Michael's Craft Store as a Jewelry Instructor!  I have my first class tomorrow, and it's on using memory wire.  I've played around with this medium before, but now I realize that it is useful and fun for so many types of jewelry and decoration projects!

The most basic memory wire project is the bracelet - it often looks like a matched bangle set when worn.  Seed beads, crystals, and pearls are all common beads used in this project.  Here are some less basic memory wire bracelet designs:

Another basic memory wire project is the necklace - it can be as complex as the bracelet, with several loops, or simplified down to a single loop for a stunning look!  Here are a couple necklaces that I think stand out among the rest:

Less often seen, but just as cool, is the memory wire ring!  I've chosen one ring to show you below, but there are as many designs out there as you can imagine:

Another project that can be accomplished with memory wire in the ring size is wine charms.  The pieces below use actual wine charm wires, but you can see how memory wire would serve the same function:

A final project that I'm hoping to make this coming Holiday Season is a memory wire dangle (for lack of a better name).  I plan on using memory wire in the bracelet or necklace size, stringing it in reds, greens, and golds, and embellishing it with small ornaments or Christmas-themed charms.  Then, you hang one end up and let the rest "dangle"!  I think it would be a cute way to hang mistletoe as well.....

I couldn't find an artist's version of the ornament, but here is a simpler commercial version if you can't quite visualize it.....hopefully I'll post my own photos soon!

EDIT:  I haven't made the Christmas Ornament with memory wire yet, but I did make a fun necklace with dangles!  It could easily be made into the ornament I mention above simply by using more loops.....

I'm sure there are other designs out there, so please share!  Happy Creating, PZ

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