Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rocks, Stones, Natural Found Objects - Awesome Finds for Jewelry Making!

I recently picked up a couple rocks from the local chapter of the Rock and Mineral Club.  They had a wonderful show and I couldn't help but pick out some tumbles native rocks of Idaho for use as pendants and magnets, too!  While I love gemstones and imported, cut stones, sometimes a more down-to-earth statement piece is nice too.

I've created some fun pendants with rocks and stones I've picked up on my travels, but here are my latest creations with Rocks of Idaho, the 1st one features tiger iron and the 2nd one is a simpler blue-black rock.....and then I'll show you some additional pieces by other jewelry artists!

Rocks of Idaho I by PZ Designs

Rocks of Idaho II by PZ Designs

Wonderful and beautiful pieces by others:

Just think of the beautiful jewelry you can make the next time you pick up a stone, a rock, a shell, or other natural found object!  And if you aren't inclined to wire-wrapping techniques, then check out a local artist or handmade artist on Etsy, Artfire, or other online revenue!  

If you are interested in the featured pieces or other works by these artists, please follow the links in the titles.  I've linked them to DeviantArt accounts, and from there you can view the artist's galleries and contact them!

Happy creating,

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