Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Love with Jet Black Beads

I don't wear black, or white.  White because I have children under 4 and am more prone to spill sauces while wearing white.  Black because I feel it does nothing for my skin and I love color!  So I've avoided the use of black in many of my jewelry designs as well.....

BUT not wearing black clothes does not mean I have to avoid black altogether!  And I'm falling in love with jet black faceted glass and crystal beads this season.....not the shiny, AB colored ones, or the metallic ones, or the hematite ones, but the straight up black ones. 

 Jet black bicone crystals - sold by LaserBeads on Etsy at at excellent price!

Why black works in jewelry:

Black is a neutral - you can pair it with any other color 

Earrings by me!  How can you not be in love with jet?
 Not available, but I take requests - My Etsy Shop

Black makes other colors pop and stand out

Bracelet by CCaria on Etsy

Black is always elegant and classy

Earrings by JewelrybySonjaBlume on Etsy

Black can be dressed up or down 

Macrame Bracelet by SweetestThingsJTMG on Etsy

Black brings out a pattern - especially against the skin. 
Victorian Beaded Choker by BridalDiamantes on Etsy

Even if black is the majority color, it's rarely the main color.  By that I mean that black blends in with the background, it becomes a shadow, and the highlighting colors show through and grab the viewers attention!  Black isn't subtle, but it is gorgeous!  And who wears jewelry to be ignored, anyway?

 Another pair of earrings by me.  Now I need to order more jet beads!
 Not available, but I take requests - My Etsy Shop

Happy Creating,

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