Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Washi Tape - Easy on, Easy off Door Decor

I saw a Pinterest post the other day using Washi tape to decorate a door's edge.  While I couldn't figure out why I'd want to decorate a door like that, it did inspire me to decorate my daughter's bedroom doors with Washi tape in another way!  I liked the idea of having the grooves between door panels painted a different color than the rest of the door, but I really don't like painting doors, and I hadn't gotten the gumption up to putz around with it.

 I love the spring flowers prints on these Washi Tapes!
This selection is available from Mieryaw on Etsy.

BUT using Washi tape is quick, easy, and fun!  Instead of a solid painted color (though if you want this there are many solid Washi tapes to choose from) I could get a cute print in the door grooves!  The tape I found was on sale at Michaels, so I spent $2.50 on a role that was enough for both sides of the door (10 meters/yards), and 30 minutes taping!  Viola, I'm done and my girl has a cute door to her mess of a room!  If your door has more panels, you might need 2 roles of tape and 45 minutes of time - straight lines are easier than the curved arch I have.

Some tips:
  • Use very sharp scissors with a fine point OR an Exacto knife to cut the Washi tape at corners for a clean look - be careful NOT to cut into your door!
  • At corners - either 1) cut both sides to meet at a 45 degree angle (no overlap) OR 2) cut the top layer of tape at an angle at the corners while leaving the bottom layer square (overlapped)
    • this keeps the tape from peeling up or bunching around the corners
  • For curves/arches - Use small pieces of tape so you can make the curve w/o bending/creasing the tape OR use longer pieces of tape cut 3/4 of the way through every 1-1.5 inches so that the tape will follow the curve and overlap itself instead of creasing.

Some solid Washi tape colors from GoodiMochi on Etsy

This project was very satisfying - and the Washi tape comes in so many fun patterns!  You can change your doors monthly or yearly, as the tape is similar to painter's tape. It comes up easily and won't mar the surface of your door!  I like impermanent decorating solutions - they are easier to change if you don't like them or if you grow out of them or if you are getting ready to sell your home!

Look at just some of hundreds of patterns available? 
This selection is from StickerStop on Etsy 
If you are looking for more Washi Tape projects - just type in "washi tape" on Pinterest!  Hundreds of ideas come up!  My favorites are decorating vases, picture frames, magnets, and walls!  Or follow my link - Washi Tape on Pinterest.

Happy Decorating!

Washi Tape on Etsy

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