Thursday, May 9, 2013

My First Wire Wrapped Cabochons

It is so exciting to try a new technique - I've had wire wrapping cabs on my list for some time now and finally bought some square and half round wire and went at it!  Now, this isn't my first time wire wrapping, I've wrapped a lot of beads and even some polished rocks, but this was taking it to the next level.

 My 1st wire wrapped bezel setting - a little rough, but the right idea!
This is probably some type of agate, but it might be a fossil....

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how both pendants turned out.  The first one (the long rectangular one) doesn't fit as nicely as I'd like, and I marred the wire pretty badly at the corners, but the 2nd one (the circle cab) is lovely!  Neither cab is in perfect condition as they are practice stones.  I'll probably still make them into full necklaces eventually, and after re-wrapping the first one with unmarred wire, but I didn't want to nick up expensive cabs as I practiced.....

My 2nd wire wrapped bezel setting - I love how this turned out!   
And it looks more polished, too....I think the stone is crazy lace agate.

I didn't follow one tutorial, per se, but I combined a couple as needed for my attention span, skill level, and style.  The Beading Gem has a great list of tutorials already, and the two I used were the first 2 she listed, here:  How to Wire Wrap a Cabochon.  The only tutorial I'd add to this list is by Eat Breathe Design here:  Wire Wrapped Bezel for Cabochons - it's less traditional, but great for those who love crochet, knitting, or viking knit styles.

I know you can wire wrap with round wire and different gauges of wire, and each type and gauge is great for different projects, looks, and sizes of cabochons.  If you want to make similar settings as I have made here, I suggest starting with square and half round wire in 20 or 21 gauge.  Also start with something affordable, like plated or enameled copper wire.  I hate waste, but I have to admit that new techniques take practice to perfect and there will be waste!  Once you know what you are doing, then move up to sterling silver or gold filled wire, or try out some round wire!

Happy Creating,

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