Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Embellished Filigree: A Showcase of Artists

After working a little with filigree for my last earrings, I was curious what other jewelry artists had done with filigree.  There are many wonderful layered designs out there, but the ones that really grabbed my interest were the ones that used beads to embellish the filigree.  Maybe it's because I love my beads and beadweaving techniques - and bead embellished filigree melds the two worlds nicely for me.  A bridge, perhaps, for me to cross in the future....

Here are some of the lovely designs and jewelry artists I found on Etsy:



And if you think bead embellishment is new, think again!  It's a revival from the past - here's just one example from the 1930s, possibly by Miriam Haskell, also available on Etsy:

There are many more embellished filigree designs out there, on Etsy and in other shops, both handmade and commercial.  I know I'm inspired, are you?

Happy Creating!

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