Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun with Filigree: My Earring Redesign

I was redoing photos of my jewelry when I noticed a pair of earrings that were a little sad - I thought they could be livened up with some additions or reworkings, but wasn't sure right then what to do with them. So I set them aside and finished my photos.

The Sad Earrings

I was a little lost as to what to add to them to make them more exciting and fresher.  I had just made some earrings with lots of dangles in a cluster, but I didn't want all my earrings to look like the same, so I scrapped that idea.  Next I thought about just taking them apart and remaking the entire design, but I liked the simple dangle still....

Cluster Earrings

After a couple more pairings, I decided on some fun filigree!  I don't work with filigree much, but I was inspired by some past magazines that I'd been rereading. I shaped the filigree with some soft waves and added them to the backs....

Filigree to the Rescue!

I think this redesign is fabulous!  The filigree added interest, movement, and length without overwhelming my original dangle or adding excessive weight.  Before you take something apart to rework it (which I do a bit of too....), maybe try adding some filigree or dangles or a splash of color to liven it up!

My current designs are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop, and I am happy to take custom orders!

Happy Creating,

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