Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Mosaic Bird Bath

My finished bird bath!  Can you see the koi and the lily pads?

I started this glass tile bird bath nearly two years ago, while pregnant, and have finally finished it!  The base is a terra cotta drip tray, about 18 inches across.  The tiles I bought precut, but if I really get into stained glass or mosaics, I can see how tile/class cutters would be beneficial!  Still, I love how it turned out and am excited to finally put my koi bird bath out in the garden!

Made from a terra cotta drip tray, precut glass tiles, and white grout.

I will be taking inspiration from some Pinterest posts for the stand for my bird bath - simply using a terra cotta pot turned upside down!  I love that idea, and the whole piece will match. I might paint the outside and the stand sometime in the future, but I actually like the orange-red of terra cotta amidst green leaves and vegetation....

Want to make your own?  This is the tutorial I followed:  Mosaic Birdbath

Want to buy a handmade bird bath?  Try these Etsy shops:  Mosaic Bird Bath

Happy Creating!

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