Friday, August 30, 2013

Have You Heard of Fordite?

I sure hadn't, and I'm even from that part of the world!  I was introduced to this beautiful, manmade material through a beading challenge on Bead Soup Cafe.  Alison of Beads by Alison made a stunning sterling silver and fordite cabochon pendant - and my breath was taken away!  I had to look up what it was, where I could get it, and start planning my own design using this novel and sweet looking material.....

What I found out about Fordite:
  • It is also called "Detroit Agate" and "motor agate"
    • there is nothing natural about this material - it is completely manmade!
  • It is created by layers and layers and layers of auto body paint overspray collecting on steel during old style production
    • There are limited quantities of genuine fordite because new painting processes are being used now
    • Sometimes someone will come across a bucket of raw fordite that an employee had collected - trinkets and nicknacks were carved out of the stuff years ago and given to family and friends
  • Fordite is often recycled into jewelry components now - or collected and shown off!

For more on the history of fordite, you can read here:
You can find your own piece of fordite on Etsy, Ebay, Azbluerockers, Fordite, and Fordite Cabochons (U.K.), to name a few!

I haven't made a purchase yet, but I hope to soon!  This colorful and unique material has great promise for a stunning jewelry design....

Happy Creating,

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  1. Yes, I have heard about it. Thanks for the links to check out some. This is like the controversy that surrounds Rainbow Calsilica, it is thought to be manmade and not at all natural like some claim it to be.


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