Friday, November 15, 2013

Unique Handmade Jewelry Displays

As I gear up for the holiday season and get another month closer to heading back on the craft and jewelry circuit with my wares (maybe next year!), I've started contemplating jewelry displays.  I have some in the works being made by my brother, the woodworker.  I love wood displays - the warmth and softness.  I also think handmade wood displays will suit my jewelry, because a lot of it is inspired by nature. (I'd show pictures, but I don't have any yet!)

I've hunted for some awesome displays made by others, from Etsy, as well.  They go beyond frames and chicken wire and often into a works of art all by themselves!  While I may not choose to display my jewelry on these stands, I do love them and their uniqueness.  I might pick up a couple for my own home, especially as I'd be so sad if anything happened to them on the road.....and I thought some of you might like them, too.  You can follow the links below the images to each artist's shop.

I chose to show the few truly unique and stunning displays that I found on Etsy, but there are many beautiful, more traditional, jewelry displays also - just go search until you find what you were looking for!  Many shops will take custom orders as well.

Happy Creating,

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