Friday, November 1, 2013

Pyrite in Jewelry

Pyrite Strand sold by KanduBeads on Etsy

I've noticed a growing trend - more and more jewelry designers are using pyrite.  With a name like fool's gold, it's no wonder that pyrite wasn't a main stream jewelry material.  But have you seen the designs utilizing pyrite lately?  They are gorgeous!

Here are some gorgeous handmade designs from Etsy artisans (in no particular order) - I found them inspiring and hopefully you will too!  You can follow the link below each image to an Etsy shop.

Pyrite comes in a variety of shapes from natural crystals to faceted rondelles, from flat nuggets to smooth teardrops.  The metallic sheen can vary from silver to gold to rainbow....  I think I might have to pick up some pyrite beads for myself!

Happy Creating,

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