Friday, July 4, 2014

DnD Minis: Fire Dragon

Since I'll be working on a commissioned piece for the month of July, and don't have any new jewelry  to show, I'm going back to my DnD Minis! 

Here is my 2nd dragon - a moderately sized pathfinder red dragon (by Reaper).  My goal was to break out of the mold a bit and bring in some other colors - I'm pretty happy with how that went!  He's mostly red with hints of orange and blue-ish teal highlights. 

He's so vicious!  Approximately 5" x 5" (tall and wide).

I think re-basing or changing the base really adds to the model, which is why I change my bases every time.  I LOVE how the basing turned out!  I cut out a giant head and inserted a polished quartz formation.  I managed to match the base pattern to the stone pretty well for a nice blended look.  Doesn't it look like he's protecting his treasure from some thief?!

As always, there is room for improvement.  This model was hand-painted because I still don't have or know how to use an airbrush.  I have another dragon in the works, then on to dwarf wizards and armored paladins!  Too bad we won't be playing with my characters anytime soon....summer is too busy to sit around playing indoors, I suppose....

Happy Creating!

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