Friday, December 26, 2014

Beaded Wooden Ornaments!

This year I realized that I had given away a number of beaded glass ornaments over the years to family and friends, but I hadn't given any ornaments to my side of the family!  Say what?!  So I set about to correct that oversight....

Handmade wooden spindles, beaded by me, and turned into ornaments!

I changed up the design, however.  My brother had turned some wooden spindles for me a couple years ago.  The original idea was to use them as pendants, but they were a little large for that plan.  So they sat around, waiting....but they are the perfect size for Christmas tree ornaments!

Beaded wooden spindles - reds.
Beaded wooden spindles - greens.
Beaded wooden spindles - blues.

So here  they are - 9 ornaments that I passed along to my family and friends this year!  Each one took a two or more hours to complete, but it was worth it.  They are lovely, if I do say so, and unique.  I think I'll need to commission some additional spindles from my brother once he gets his shop up and running again!

Happy Holidays,

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