Friday, March 6, 2015

Jewelry Sets - Combining Wire & Beads

I'm loving the creativity I'm finding with sterling silver wire, but have been missing beading lately, so I combined the two in a couple of jewelry sets!

First up is a gift for a dear friend's birthday - it is a necklace and bracelet convertible set!  They can be strung together for a long necklace, or worn separately as a collar and bracelet.  They feature matching handmade clasps.

Convertible Set - bracelet & necklace

My next set isn't a perfect match, but they both feature the same vibrant blue glass seashells and broody freshwater pearls.  I wanted to make my own chandelier earrings, and during the process I happened upon some wire weaving that looked like a mermaid tail - especially after adding a little seashell for her fin!  It was a happy accident that I wanted to incorporate into a bigger piece - the necklace.

Chandelier Earrings - pearls & seashells

Mermaid Necklace - pearls & seashells

I have been busy busy with new designs.  My torch is set up and and use.  More is on the way!

Happy Creating,

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