Monday, February 15, 2010

Tutorial: RAW Basics & Variations

There are many different types of beadweaving techniques.  One that I find myself using quite often is RAW, or Right Angle Weave.  It's easy and brings a piece together relatively quickly.  It's also very versatile.  Simply changing the bead shapes you use can give drastically different results!

Here are the basics (clicking on images will make them larger in a new tab/window):

And a few variations:

Finally I'm including a couple pieces that I created using RAW, to show how this weave can get a wide range of results!  I particularly like it for bracelets.  (Links below will take you to the store where the piece is available.)

Blue Waves (sold):

For some RAW eye candy, more techniques, and detailed projects, check out this book, available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, or maybe your local public library.  I haven't done any of the projects, but I really enjoyed looking through this book!  It starts out with the basics and moves to much more advanced RAW techniques.

If you have any questions, please comment or email me.  I'd also love to know if this was helpful or not, or how I could improve the tutorial for next time.

Thanks for visiting and happy creating!


  1. Great tutorial -- the pictures definitely help to show the process. Your jewelry is beautiful.

  2. that is a great tutorial. I found you seietsy :) I am just wondering what you use to string the beads? wire or string? Thanks a ton my email is boblyns at yahoo dot com


  3. I learned some basics about sewing some years ago, but you gave me a nice idea here :) Thank you, and good luck with selling your excellent products!

  4. Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.



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