Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Beadweaving Artists from 1000 Markets

And now I present 6 more beadweavers from 1000 Markets, as promised.  These designs are more versatile and are perfect for everyday wear or a night out!  I love the creative use of color and design in these pieces especially - and hope you enjoy them too.

All of the artists shown here have many designs available in their shops - so check them out for more (links above).  There are also many other beadweaving artists on 1000 Markets, so don't feel I've shown you all there is to see!

I'll be featuring more artists with unique jewelry materials or styles in the future - but the next post will be a beadweaving tutorial, so come back because you might learn something fun!

*ndebele ropes are also known as tubular herringbone - fact from time2cre8


  1. such beautiful creations! thank you for including one of mine in your great selections!

    marilyn g

  2. fantastic choices! Thanks so much for including my bracelet. :D


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