Friday, October 25, 2013

Beadweaving with Twin Beads

I started seeing twin and super-duo designs sometime last year - it took me a while to realize that these new seed beads are 2-holed!  Once I realized this, I was enthralled - how could these beads NOT open up the world of beadweaving to new patterns?!  I had to get in on it....

Ordering the beads was the easy part - creating a design that works well with these beads is another matter entirely!  I used some on a strung necklace and just let the long beads dangle, using only 1 of the holes.

Siren's Call Series - Black Shell Pendant

Then I spent a week making and remaking a pair of beadwoven loops.  I thought the design was pretty good at  first, but now I think it's missing something....they look better on a table then in my ears!

Twin Bead Hoops with carnelian drops

Finally I made a pair of earrings that I really do like - these are my "Art Nouveau" pair.  I haven't picked up the duos again since making these....but I do have some ideas to try out when I get the time!

Art Nouveau Earrings with twin beads and agate teardrops

I like playing around with the new beads but sometimes it's nice to just grab some beads and make a piece without so much thinking and restringing and reweaving and redesigning, too!  If you want to grab some twin or duo beads and get into creating a beautiful piece the first time, try some of these tutorials!  Maybe I'll post one after I have more experience with the new beads....

Free Super-Duo and Twin Bead Tutorials:

Preciosa Twin Inspiration - follow the photos for tutorials (not all photos have tutorials)
Bead Magic - Twin Bead Patterns
Around the Beading Table - Free Patterns (several are with twin/superduos)

Clarissa Bracelet - connected mandalas/beaded medallions
Bucles Muchas II - earrings

Pinterest - Twin Patterns (not all patterns are free)
Pinterest - Super Duo and Superduo (not all patterns are free)
Pinterest - Twin and Super Duo (not all patterns are free)

And if you would like to mix these with other 2-hole beads, check out tilas/czech mates (2-hole square beads), 2-hole dagger beads, 2-hole coin beads, and the NEW RULLA BEADS!  I just found the rullas while writing this - they are 2-hole cylinder beads!  So many choices.....

Happy Creating,

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