Sunday, January 5, 2014

Button Dolls & Ornaments

 Our Button Dolls and Ornaments!

Over the holiday break my family often tries new crafts - this Christmas we tried making some button doll ornaments!  The original pattern is from Diane Fitzgerald's book "Diane Fitzgerald's Favorite Beading Projects" - I found the book at my local library and found the book to have beautiful, fun, and simple projects in it, unlike some of her other books that are for the more experienced beader.  This was one project that I thought my daughters would enjoy with me - my sisters and mother had fun too!

Diane's Book and 1 of her Button Doll Ornaments
I loved the inspired designs of my sisters - one made a little girl with a bell and the other made a boy with a yoyo and a dog!

 Button Girl with Bell

 Button Boy with Yo-Yo & Dog
We also found that you can make the dolls without a hanger if you want a true doll instead of an ornament.  My girls loved these - I let them pick out the buttons to use and they chose larger buttons for the feet!

Button Dolls without a Hanging Loop
We just used old buttons that my mother had saved for years - this is a great project for using up loose buttons - each doll uses over 30 buttons!  You can also buy button kits and jars of buttons at craft stores - or find bargain collections at garage sales.  I personally loved the look of the old buttons - we found some really neat designs that were fun to incorporate as hats, skirts, hands, and toys!

I'm not going to give a tutorial on these adorable dolls - that's Diane's job!  Please purchase or borrow a copy of her book for detailed directions.  If that's not your style, then just go for it!  We didn't follow her tutorial - we made it up as we went!  If we hadn't, my sister may not have tried to make that cute dog.....

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