Friday, January 24, 2014

Detour Ahead: DnD Miniatures!

I started my first DnD game last year, and also painted my first minis.  For Christmas I received a new little pile of minis, and I just have to share what I've done so far!  While they don't compare to the Reaper contest pieces (those are so amazing - details like patterns on fabric and facial scruff, oh my!), I'm still proud of them and my progress. 

My first 2 minis were painted for friends - A halfling rogue and an elf ranger:

Reaper Bones Mini - Hellakin Goregutter Model

Reaper Bones Mini - Callie, Rogue Model

My next 2 minis are for me - a sea lion (water elemental) and a human cleric (my character!):

Reaper Bones Mini - Sea Lion Model

Reaper Bones Mini - Kyra, Iconic Cleric Model

If you aren't familiar with anything that I'm saying, I'll try to put these minis in perspective!  The halfling rogue is about 1/2 inch tall; the sea lion is under 3 inches long! 

More minis are coming - I'll probably post again when I have several to show again, and after I've made some more progress on my metalworking for the new year!

If you want to try your hand at painting this fun tiny figures, fine brushes, model paint, and a magnifying glass are a must! 

Happy Creating,

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