Friday, April 11, 2014

DnD Mini - Large Earth Elemental

As I wait to reveal my BSBP creations, I will show off another Reaper Miniature that I painted.  I love how this Large Earth Elemental turned out!  Some of the details didn't come out in the photography, but enough did.  I hand painted both models, as I don't have an air brush.  Not too shabby, right?!

My 2 best minis to date!  Both models by Reaper.

The elemental's eyes are supposed to be glowing, and my paint job sort of worked, but I need some more practice there....What I really love about this model are the details!  The custom base with real amethyst crystals (set into a sandstone formation that I had in my rock collection), the crystals throughout his body, the fossil on his back (I didn't even notice it until I began painting!), and how I blended in the color on the base to the elemental's legs, further suggesting he emerged from the base he is now a part of.  All the little things make this my favorite to date, after my cleric character mini!

Details Details Details!  I love the dinosaur fossil and my base with real amethyst!

Next mini - a traditional dragon!  Unless I get sidetracked by my fire elemental - it's my last of the four main elements that I currently have, waiting in a box for some color....But I also hope to make some more jewelry that I can show before May 3rd! So the next post will be a mystery!  Wait, isn't it always?!

Happy Creating,

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