Friday, April 4, 2014

Egg Art on Etsy!

Since my time has been full making the BSBP #8 jewelry pieces which I can't reveal until May 3rd, I've decided to get into the Easter spirit by showcasing some lovely Egg Art found on Etsy.  Each of these amazingly talented artists work with real eggs, ranging from the small quail egg to the large ostrich egg.  So impressive and gorgeous!

Links to their shops can be found below each image, in the caption:

Art by the Dozen - Dyed and Etched Eggs
Eggstr Art - Carved and Wax-Decorated Eggs
Ukrainian Treasures - Ukrainian Dyed Eggs
The Nest at Windy Corner - Carved Victorian Eggs
Eggstreme - Egg Jewelry Box (actually opens!)

Kind of makes our rainbow dyed eggs with stickers look sad, but my little girls will love them too!

Happy Creating,

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  1. These are amazing. At one of the shows I exhibit at, there's a lady who does carved eggs and I'm always astounded!


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