Friday, April 25, 2014

Mini Rose Garden Wedding Set

Mini Rose Garden - Custom Wedding Set with Sterling Silver and Carved Amethyst

My best friend is getting married soon, and I wanted to make her something special for that day!  While she doesn't have to wear this set at her wedding, the sentiment is still there....but I think she'll be happy with them!  I only wish I could be there - I'm missing everyone's wedding lately!

We talked about a couple designs and she told me she really liked my mini rose garden pendants.  The original plan was to make a similar one to what I've made for others and my shop, but that didn't seem special enough for a wedding so I went on the hunt for what I needed, but didn't know I needed....

Mini Rose Garden Pendant - Custom Piece in Sterling Silver & Carved Amethyst

After finding carved amethyst roses (she loves purple and amethyst so these were really perfect!  The photos don't do the stones justice - they are a deep but vibrant shade of purple instead of the almost black in the photos...), I knew I had it!  I also upgraded to sterling silver settings that I made from sterling sheet (I am so happy to be working in metal again!). 

I changed the original design up a bit, making a round setting with dangles instead of an oval setting with all the beads embedded in the clay - though I admit that I made the oval setting first and still have it, waiting, for something..... I finished it off with some amethyst rounds in the chain and a lobster claw clasp so she can adjust it to any length.  The clay has been colored with a subtle metallic green powder. 

Mini Rose Earrings - Sterling Silver and Carved Amethyst

She's only expecting the necklace - but when I found smaller carved roses to match, I had to make a set of earrings too!  These are a little different, again, but matched enough to be a set.  She's not a matchy-matchy person anyway, usually wearing different earrings in each ear, so I didn't want to just copy the pendant....I think they look like long stem roses dangling from the ears and I hope that translates to others as well!

She should have the set soon, if not already.  Congratulations and enjoy, my oldest and dearest BF!

Happy Creating,

PS - Next week's post will be a day late - BECAUSE it's the BSBP reveal on Saturday!  YAY!

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