Friday, October 3, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Tessa Shadis

A while back I showed off a custom matched set of beaded hoop earrings - they were a trade with my sister Tessa for some of her awesome artwork!  She draws, paints, models clay, and just picked up cake decorating.  My husband had been eying her dragons for some time now, and we struck a deal.  I'd make her some earrings, she'd make my husband some dice dragons!  (Hey wait a minute - what'd I get out of this?!)

They arrived early this week and look fantastic!  My husband was overjoyed with the end result as well and got to show them off last weekend at a game.  Here's a shot with some (a very small portion) of my husband's WH Necron Army - they match so well!

And some single shots of the three dragons - one with a shield, one with a staff, and one with a necron skull!

If you want to see some more of Tessa's artwork, visit her DeviantArt gallery under Raven's Aerie.  She has a couple more dragons and some fairies in clay!

Happy Creating!

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