Friday, October 10, 2014

Something's Fishy....

Fishy Ornament

My newest ornament!  This one is pretty big - each fish is about 1" long.  My goal was to make a somewhat abstracted fish bowl, if you will, complete with water above, plants in the middle, and rocks below.

Goldfish and beaded "water".

The story behind this design:  my sister wanted me to do something with a couple articulated fish she still wanted, but not as pendants.  I was literally going to make a fish bowl to fill with beads and fish as the design when she mentioned she didn't like fish bowls, and something less defined would be nice. 

Angel fish and beaded "seaweed".

This was my solution - and I like it better than my original idea, too!  I used wire crochet to lock in the colored beads and monofilament (fishing line) to hang the fish.  I'm hoping the little white beads look like bubbles - I couldn't resist!

Blue fish and beaded "pebbles".

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