Monday, April 19, 2010

Fine Wire-Wrappers from 1000 Markets

Wire-wrapping is one art form that I have not delved into; I've messed around with copper wire and a little bit of silver wire here and there, but nothing too extravagant.  It is, however, a very gorgeous and versatile medium for jewelry.  Straight up wire designs, multicolored designs, designs with beads, or designs with set stones; organic, mechanical, fantastical, or simple.  The list goes on, but I'm going to show you some fabulous wire artists instead!

Here are 6 jewelers from 1000 Markets:

Please visit these artists shops for more awesome designs!  And remember that these are only 6 of the great wire-wrappers on 1000 Markets - be sure to search for other great artists as well!

Next time I'll showcase artists from Etsy, or move onto chainmaille....I haven't quite decided!

And REMEMBER:  Once I have 42 followers, I will host the next Double or Nothing Jewelry Giveaway!  The prizes get bigger each time, so spread the word so you can enter to win!

Also, the Expectacular Mega Giveaway is still going on!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog along side of these wonderful artists.

  2. What a wonderful honor! Thank you for your nice compliments and warm words!

  3. Frankie Oldenburg from Jewelry by Two Gems says a big Thank You. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I was mining for more great stuff in North Carolina.


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