Monday, April 8, 2013

Designing an Asymmetrical Necklace

There are 2 main types of asymmetry in jewelry:  boldly asymmetric or subtly asymmetric.  I've found some gorgeous pieces from various Etsy sellers to help make my point (you can follow the links below the images to go to each jeweler's shop).  The one above is definitely a bold, while the one below is more subtle.  All of the artists shown have a better grasp on asymmetrical design than I....

So why am I interested in these asymmetrical necklaces?  Basically, I like a challenge and I enjoy pushing myself as a designer.  Since I usually make symmetrical pieces of jewelry, I'm getting out of my comfort zone with some asymmetrical pieces.  Sometimes my best creativity comes from a good challenge! 

The biggest difficulty for me, as a designer, is finding a visual balance when creating an asymmetrical piece.  The necklace above is balanced on the one side by the heavy bead dangle, and on the other by multiple fine chains.  I LOVE visual balance.  It doesn't matter if the necklace is bold or subtle, it's still a challenge for me to find that balance that makes a pleasing piece of jewelry with that  little visual kick that asymmetry provides.  

Unsure what I'm talking about?  Let's see if I can explain it!  Perfect balance would be something symmetrical - a butterfly with it's wings open.  Visual balance doesn't have to be symmetrical, though that is the easiest.  Two small objects can be balanced by one medium object, for example.  In the necklace shown above is an example of balance, too - there are 3 circles on each side of center, but the circle composition differs.  In art, balance is discussed in composition of a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.  I think balance is important in jewelry as well - for many designers, this is an art form!  For more in depth explanations that are still easy to follow, check out these links:  Balance and Visual Balance, or Google it!

I think the pieces I've shown from other jewelery artists on Etsy are exemplary examples of what I would like to have when I'm done - beautiful, wearable designs with that little fun twist that asymmetry provides.  Here are a couple of my completed attempts (my most recent undertaking is still "under construction"!).

 My 1st attempt at asymmetry in design -
The branch is supposed to be balanced by the beaded chain.

My 2nd attempt at asymmetry in design - 
The 3 black beads are balanced by the color and shape change in the blue jade.
Happy Creating!
PZ (PZ Designs on Etsy)


  1. Hi Hannah, Thank you so much for featuring my necklace - "The Johnny" in your blog post.

    Keep up your beautiful work :)

  2. Hi.
    Very nice and interesting post. I am glad that my necklace served to illustrate this. Thank you!

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